WEEK 7, Day 49: This is Sweet! But No Sugar Cookies Here:)

NOVEMBER 24th, 2014/MONDAY:  Forgive me 30/10 Blog, as I’ve been so busy with the launch of Holiday Music on WARM 106.9 and the fact that I’ve had so much more energy in recent that I’ve been busier than usual and I have two things to get you caught up on.  First, the annual red suit not nearly as snug as she was last year at this time!  LOL.  Second, I’ve lost a total of 21 pounds!!!  I’m pacing perfectly, my ideal goal is set for DEC. 23rd.

As I enter into week 7, I’m just 9 pounds away from the promise.  Lose 30lbs in 10 weeks, hence 30/10 Weight Loss For Life.

More important, I feel amazing.  I love that people look at me like…hmmmm, something is different.  New clothes?  Haircut?  Awesome.  And thanks to 30/10 and the Self- Mastery Technology (SMT), when presented with situations where there’s piles of tempting foods (easy this time of year), I’ve no desire to eat ‘everything’ rather my changed behaviors make the process of slimming down easier and more certain.  In short, I’ve taken back the power to say ‘no thanks’.

P1050962  20 minutes of relaxation (SMT/Sauna Session)

I even went shopping the other day and tried on some things, just for fun.  Clearly, I’m down a full pant size. I’m pulling from the closet shirts that had gotten too tight and now fit perfectly.  Funny how changing a behavior, and of course my diet and eating habits…in just a handful of weeks, can make such a huge difference.  My actions affect my results.  Eat to live, not live to eat.  Smarter choices is all, and thanks to 30/10 for helping me realize…I got this!

“I can clearly see my goal already accomplished, my end result is a happpier-healthier me”

As of today there are just 5 weeks until Christmas, if you start today you’ll be halfway to your desired goals.  And this may be just the thing you need for the holidays.  The clinics are fun to visit, and the support is there. But you know, you can do this.  Give ’em 10 weeks, as it will last you a lifetime:)  You’re 30/10 Weight Loss For Life Journey starts (HERE).  Feel free to drop my name, especially the Bellevue crew…love them! – Shellie Hart



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