WEEK 5: Day 38: My Fifth Weigh In! Results Are…

NOVEMBER 13th, 2014/THURSDAY:   While I had a BLAST golfing in San Diego,  I thought for sure that the vacation would throw me off (and note that my Weigh-Ins are now off a coupla days). Did my best NOT to cheat, but to be honest at all those fancy restaurants I did take a coupla bites of other plates.  And a handful of peanuts on the golf course.  I was extremely careful not to take in sugar, and zero alcohol.  I did much better than I thought, thanks to my 30/10 Weight Loss For Life Program it wasn’t cravings that lead me to a bite or two as much as it was the foodie in me and curiosity.  But all that said…

WEEK 5 and I’m just ounces shy of 20lbs!  Whoop, Whoop!

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 5.18.34 PM

I have now had to go through the closet.  Doing so, I had two working piles of clothes.  Those to donate, and those I haven’t been able to wear in years. (like my cool jackets, and lots of shirts and a few pair of fitted slacks…nice!).  Clothes in general, just fit so much better!!!!  And check out my fat% reduction:

P1050980 P1060018 P1060171  …it’s the one on the bottom, healthy is 23-33%.  Getting close!

My eye is on the prize, my health:)  I’m hoping to hit my desired goal in the next for weeks!  I’m pacing to lose 30lbs in 10 weeks, hence 30/10 Weight Loss for Life!  LOL.  I’m now doing weigh-ins on THURSDAYS, and you are MORE than welcome to meet up with me at the Bellevue Clinic.  I’m confident with what I’ve learned, and my re-trained brain and behavior that once I hit my desired…it will stay off.

“I’m perfect as myself, as I’m perfecting a new me.”

If you haven’t yet, give them a call.  If even just a thought, make it a reality.  Imagine how good you will look and feel by Christmas.  I promise:)  Your 30/10 Weight Loss For Life Journey begins (HERE). Shellie Hart



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