WEEK 5: Day 36: Breakfast At Tee-Time

NOVEMBER 11th, 2014/TUESDAY:  Waking up on vacation, looking forward to another game of golf as I submit this blog entry from my 30/10 Weight Loss For Life Journey-Journal.  As I packed for my San Diego fun, it was nice to be able to pack some favorite summer shorts that I normally would have kept tucked away knowing that they were too snug.  And this is my second ‘go’ on the road on the diet.  It’s really not that difficult to stick to the plan, even easier staying in a condo.  IN FACT…last night, the group I was with all ordered pizza while I broiled a steak and sliced up for a salad.  When the pizza arrived, I have to be honest…it looked like a pile of  ‘cheezy-glob’.   LOL, there must have been PILES rather POUNDS of cheese on that bad boy! 

Now normally, that may have had my attention for a slice.  Not now:)  Instead, I made that delicious salad with fresh mushrooms and my Tamari dressing. And guess what everyone eyeballed…yup, that super-healthy steak salad.

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HINT: When traveling and looking at extended stays, we always try to stay in condo’s.  In addition to being able to do your own laundry, you are in control of your own meals (and saving $$$).  For the steak salad I mentioned, I travel with a baggie of my favorite dry rub.  (available at Costco).  Can’t go wrong with this…ever!

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 9.36.34 AM Water and 30/10 cereal snack vs. Beer and Chips on the course today.  Now making ‘better’ choices comes without thinking.  And once I complete, that cereal snack will likely be a banana or maybe some nuts. 

I find that while traveling, planning is key.  I always carry a bag of soup with me as it’s easy to always grab a cup of hot water (for tea I tell people when I order).  Or even grab a bag or two of cereal for the ‘just in case’ cravings.  Getting the veggies in can be a bit of a challenge while traveling-sight seeing.  While it’s easy to say ‘pack a bag’ of  raw veggies to snack on…it’s not easy to keep them chilled.  I’ve found that local cafe’s are my best bet, letting them know I’m on a strict diet and steaming (or saute) whatever they have on hand works best.  Again, if you can stay in a condo and plan that meal while traveling in this first 10 weeks of 30/10 Weight Loss For Life it will make meal planning a breeze.

“I relish the feeling of working through a difficult task, and I task myself daily to better my health”

This is not rocket science, you are NOT THE ONLY ONE doing this.  Know that you are working on a better you.  I think to myself, as the group around me at dinners in restaurants or gatherings such as vacation in the condo that if I ‘cheat’, allow myself just that ‘one slice as I’ve been good’…I’ll have to start the burn process ALL OVER AGAIN.  My reward, is my health and keeping my eye on that desired goal weight.  I’m just weeks away from it now, and you know what…so are you:)  Next weigh in upon my return.  YOUR JOURNEY STARTS (HERE).   – Shellie Hart

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