WEEK 5: Day 31: ‘Run Forrest, Run!’

NOVEMBER 6th, 2014/THURSDAY:  In addition to my clothes fitting sooooooooooo much better (in some cases, I’ve had to give up on some because now ‘too big’)…I feel more focused, and definitely more energy!  Thanks to my 30/10 Weight Loss For Life, I feel like the ‘younger’ me again:)  I’ve never been a runner, but know that getting some cardio is important so I’m urrently walking briskly a few times a week around the neighborhood, but feeling like I need to ‘amp’ it up!   And lucky us, living where we do there’s ALWAYS some sort of fun run.

I was recently asked to be the Grand Marshal for this years JINGLE BELL RUN for ARTHRITIS! (How’s that for putting it out there:)  LOL.  Likely I’ll be at the start/finish line for most of event on the mic but perhaps I should start a team and invite my 30/10 friends?  This one is a blast!  Everyone dressed in holiday costumes/gear.  Save the date, it’s DECEMBER 14thMore will be coming from me on that for sure!  As I’d REALLY love to meet others on the program:)

HINT:  Stop talking and start doing, I dare you to sign up for 3 runs today (5k’s).  Don’t feel obligated to run the whole thing, participating will be your accomplishment.  Check out this link for upcoming runs (HERE).

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Things are going so well for me with my 30/10 Program.  I don’t even really ‘think’ about it, craving for sugars gone.  I’ve mentioned it before, but seriously…how much easier can this get?  I’m grateful.  For the support and my health.

“I acknowledge my own self-worth; my confidence is soaring so it’s time to really get moving”

I find that the program is actually SAVING ME MONEY on food.  And lunch is so easy to pack!  lol.  My favorite throw together is soup.  Simply add your pre-cooked veggies to a bowl of steaming hot mushroom, beef or chicken 30/10 soup.  I like that I can much on it slowly as I work.  If you have any fun recipes, please share! – Shellie Hart

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