WEEK 4: Day 28: My Fourth Weigh In! Results Are..

NOVEMBER 3rd, 2014/MONDAY:   Drum roll please….17lbs!  I’m now past the halfway mark towards reaching my targeted goal weight!  This is just crazy, but I’m loving EVERY day of it.  I swear I can feel my body in ‘fat-burn’.  I’ve REALLY done my best to stick to my 30/10 Weight Loss For Life plan.  Probably my biggest ‘whoops’ are with the veggies (I eat squash, small helpings and staying well within’ my 2 cup servings), I had a small handful of almonds a few times…but really, for the most part I’ve been VERY GOOD and my determination to lose weight is working:)

“Losing weight is easy for me, gaining happiness is even easier”

Notice in the photo above, how that un-wanted fat is slowly disappearing.  Even in my weigh-ins now that % is going down!  I do feel MUCH healthier!

P1060018  Starting weight was nearly 194lbs, Fat % 39.4 (this really read 177, my camera added:)

I couldn’t be more pleased, and I’m learning a ton!  Once I hit my desired, I’ll know exactly how to keep it off.  Just think, if you start today how much you’ll lose by the Holidays!  More important, how much better you will feel.  Give ’em a call, tell them I sent ya!  I’m the one that ‘HOLLAS’ at every weigh in (on an average I’m losing 4lbs per week!).  YOUR 30/10 Weight Loss For Life Journey starts (HERE). – Shellie Hart

HINT:  Share your success, it’s contagious and the support is overwhelming and humbling.

Celebrate with me, that new YOU is just ready to play!

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