WEEK 4: Day 27: Breakfast of Champions

NOVEMBER 2nd, 2014/SUNDAY:  As I sit here on a Sunday morning enjoying my coffee and sharing my 30/10 Weight Loss For Life blogs from my journal, I realize that I’m not only approaching week #5 feeling awesome and noticeably trimmer…but I blazed RIGHT PAST HALLOWEEN!  Lol.

Things have become the new routine, I don’t even think about the 30/10 Program rather, it doesn’t get in my way or ‘consume’ my mind. Why should I crave the bowl of candy, when every morning on my drive  into WARM 106.9 I get to enjoy a delicious breakfast bar and a cup of hot java!  Not one single ‘fun size’ passed these lips this year.  Not at work, not at home, not ANYWHERE!  With 30/10 nutritional food products and snacks along with my evening meals that I prepare, the only thing I crave is ‘healthy’.

P1060009  I’ll take this over this P1060010 any and EVERY day:)

Sunday mornings are my day to reflect, and today I think ‘wow’…I feel like the old me is coming back.  This past week, I pulled out a coupla pair of jeans that I was thinking I should donate at some point, slipped ’em on and they fit again!  I knew I was losing inches, but hadn’t realized I’d trimmed down a FULL pant size in just 4 weeks.

“I have the power to change my life, and the power to change is a stronger me”

Again, I mostly feel it in those places that I thought “oh geez, here we go…it’s ‘age’ coming on.”  My arms, thighs, back around my bra line…it’s all dissolving before my very eyes.  Just a third of the way in, and nearly halfway to my desired weight!.  You’re desired weight starts with just a ‘click’ (HERE) – Shellie Hart

HINT:  While it may be exciting to ‘buy’ clothes to fit the ‘new’ you, remind yourself where you are in the process and know that you will be ‘shrinking’ more.  My advice, shop GOODWILL.  As they have LOTS of designer clothing and all organized by style, size and color. You’ll save a ton and will be fun.

 Next blog is another weigh in!  Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 8.54.27 AM (Check results HERE).


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