WEEK 4: Day 23: Dinner for ‘ALL’ Please

OCTOBER 29th, 2014/WEDNESDAY:  So I quickly realized, that since I get to do my own dinners with meat protein that I’m not the only one in the house eating healthy:)  This is awesome, especially if you have others/kids in the household.  DON’T THINK FOR A MOMENT THAT THIS IS ALL ABOUT YOU.  Drawing that diet line in the sand won’t work.  Your food vs. their food will frustrate EVERYONE.  By simply having a few extra ingredients around, what you make for yourself at dinner time can be enhanced to meet the desired cravings of others.  And at this point my 30/10 Weight Loss For Life Program, this not only doesn’t bother me but is also fun to create the meals for others:)

As I shared before, I’m a foodie.  I cherish my time in the kitchen, and enjoy ‘creating’.  So, preparing meals for others with an added ‘slight’ twist to my own (current) dinners is fun!  For example, check out the ‘GRILLED CHICKEN SALAD’ .  One for me, one for Kelly…

P1050991 Add a few more ingredients. P1050992

This is one of my favorite ‘go-to’ meals.  I grill (or bake) dry-rubbed boneless chicken breasts early in the week.  Warm ’em up a bit in the oven and slice for salads.  While I think my salad (on the left) is already delicious, we add goat cheese and spicy-candied pecans to Kelly’s.  Having a few extra ingredients around the house, that others can add to the salad YOU are eating will keep the meals interesting and fun (and uber delish) for everyone else in the household.  AND…they WON’T BE BURDENED by YOUR DIET.  Without even realizing, others in the house will be eating healthier.  I mean, 4 weeks ago this would have been grilled chicken with some sort of dipping sauce and side of potatoes of sorts here:).  I’m cooking more healthy, without even realizing it now.  It’s become instinctive.  Thanks to 30/10, I’m changing my habits and bad behaviors.

“The world is a better place because of what I create, and my body feels even better because of what I ate”

– See more at: http://spiritualityhealth.com/articles/60-affirmations-support-you-through-meaningful-life-changes#sthash.IbKPLrkf.dpuf

HINT:  Make a good batch of dressing easily with this Good Season’s Cruet.  I have a few of these and use the measure lines, swapping WATER with either lemon or lime juice (I love a good ‘zing’).  Olive Oil vs. Vegetable and Apple Cider Vineager as the base.  Then add your seasonings.  For the GRILLED CHICKEN I use the below (including my kosher salt and pepper).  You can get these Cruet’s as a part of a Good Season’s Kit at your local store.


And BTW…my road trip to PORTLAND was a BLAST!  I will suggest, that if you are traveling.  DO bring with you (or visit a store upon arrival) a bag of raw veggies to munch on.  Getting those in during the day while traveling I found a bit challenging.  Not an easy order at lunch time at most restaurants.  Dinner menu’s seem to be more accommodating.  My 30/10 Weight Loss For Life Journey is just that, for life!  Yours can begin (HERE) – Shellie Hart



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