WEEK 3: Day 18, You Have No Power Over Me!

OCTOBER 24th, 2014/FRIDAY: See those chips?  3 weeks ago, I’d have been ALL-OVER those bad boys!!!  And the sad part is, they are not even mine.  Junk food around the office, it happens and hard to resist.  You think “oh, just a handful…”  Today, as I looked at them on the ‘community’ table in the lunch room I thought “Wow, not even an urge.”  That’s what the 30/10 Weight Loss For Life Program is doing for me.

photo 3  Cheetos are my weakness!  Rather, they USED to be:)

It’s crazy, the changes in the way I’m making the ‘right’ choices without putting it to thought.  Even crazier, I prefer my veggies at lunch.  I feel better, there’s no guilt and, I don’t have orange junk stuck to my fingers:)

photo 2

HINT:  This is a tough time of year, with the office LOADED with candy and yummy offerings.  Just ‘whisper’ to yourself:  “A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips.” …then grab one of your 30/10 snacks:)

Taking my first road trip (Portland) this weekend.  I’m curious how I will do.  Will DEFINITELY take notes for ya. My clothes are really starting to loosen up.  Especially around my back area, and my thighs!  Some other folks around the office have also jumped on board to join me in my 30/10 Weight Loss for Life Journey and I can’t wait to watch their progress!  IF YOU HAVEN’T started yet, well your first step has already happened.  You are reading my blog…thank you:)  Next move is (HERE)…and I’m here to support you EVERY pound along the way.  Let’s DO this! – Shellie Hart

“I am always free to choose my thoughts and actions, only I own the power”



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