WEEK 3: Day 16, Making Better Choices Now Easier

OCTOBER 22th, 2014/WEDNESDAY: Well, after a few of the SMT sessions (photo above and more on that HERE). I’m no doubt feeling my appetite for things I would normally crave have pretty much vanished.  When I’m thirsty, I without thinking…go for water.  Now I wasn’t much of a soda-drinker, but I sure did drink a lot of carbonated water (per previous blogs).  And now, those bubbles are just a treat:)  I’m still not drinking as much as I should, maybe 4-6 glasses per day, but working on it!  LOL. I’m doing my best, which is light years better than what it was prior to my 30/10 Weight Loss For Life Program.  Awesome:).  The work days are now into a new solid groove.

P1050982  LOVE this, and you will too:)  VERY relaxing:)

Evenings are easier as well, in part to moving some things around in the house.  For example, if you haven’t yet…clear a space for yourself in the fridge with foods dedicated to the diet.  Note the photo, bet you can tell which shelf is mine!  It just makes it sooooooo much easier when grabbing things quickly for lunch and dinner.  My prep-ready (either steamed or just measured and packed) veggies are good to go, lots of lettuce to choose from and there’s a drawer full of veggies.


HINT:  I prepare meats a few days in advance as well, dry-rub (sugar free) baked or grilled then stored for either re-heating or slicing for salads in eve.   Or if cooking for the family, do some extra for yourself.  Planning is key, but quickly just becomes part of your new routine. I’m now always looking for meats on sale, buying in bulk.

“Spending time working on me, makes me a wealthy-healthy person.”

My food choices are now much easier, and know just exactly where to go in the grocery store.  I stay on the outside perimeter for veggies and meats (notice all the junk-food, canned goods and household goods are in the center isles.  I’m finding that I’m actually SAVING MONEY with 30/10!  If you haven’t yet, jump on board as that new YOU just a ‘click’ away.  Your 30/10 Weight Loss For Life Journey starts (HERE).  – Shellie Hart




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