WEEK 2: Day 14, My Second Weigh In! Results Are…

OCTOBER 20th, 2014/MONDAY: Guess who’s down another 4lbs!  Whoop, Whoop!  So in just two weeks, I’m just a few ounces shy of losing 10lbs!  I’m incredibly excited about this, and this motivates me to stay disciplined with my choices!  My 30/10 Weight Loss For Life Program is WORKING!  But more than the pounds, I’m feeling ‘different’.  Over the weekend, without thinking I grabbed an old pair of ‘lounging’ pants and found them to be slightly ‘loose’.  “Hmmmm”.  I thought, realizing I had stashed them in the back of closet because they had gotten too snug.

P1050953 (I’m callin’ it 4lbs! Hells YES!) P1050979

I’m starting to trim down, and in the areas I most recently gained.  My upper arms, thighs and yes…the back…(grrrr).  These are the areas that ‘snuck’ up on me and now they are slowly saying ‘goodbye fat’.  Clothes are truly starting to ‘fit’ better.

And I LOVE, LOVE going to 30/10 (I work with the Bellevue Location).  Everyone is so nice, and get more excited than I do when I weigh in.  The support team is awesome.  In addition to the weigh in, I may hit the Infrared Sauna, listen to one of the SMT recordings, maybe jump on the Whole Body Vibration Machine…these are all things you’ll learn about when you visit 30/10.  I not only feel a strong sense of accomplishment and the opportunity to network with others, but I also feel VERY relaxed and ready to take on a new week.

This is also the time I order my food.  Yup, the customized program allows you to choose.  Check it out…


So again, I couldn’t be more pleased.  Hmmmmmm, I wonder who will be the first to notice as I long to hear: “Hey, have you been losing weight?”   LOL, I know it’s silly, but just being honest.

I feel more beautiful now than I did yesterday, imagine how much more in another week”

My journey is well underway, how about you?  Would love to bump into you at one of my weigh-ins:) So, whaddya say?  Your 30/10 Weight Loss For Life Journey begins (HERE). – Shellie Hart

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