Watching THESE Kinds Of Movies Will Make You Eat More!?!?

Watching THESE Kinds Of Movies Will Make You Eat More!?!?

 Are YOU buying this?? Personally I’m a little skeptical on studies like this sometimes but hey…they’re the “experts” right?!?! ;)

The researchers studied 94 undergraduate students who were randomly divided into three groups, each of which was put in front of a TV for 20 minutes.

One group was asked to watch a part of the Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson thriller ‘The Island’. The second group watched the same film excerpt on mute, while the last group watched interview program ‘The Charlie Rose Show’.

All three sets of participants were given snacks such as cookies, M&Ms, grapes, and carrots while watching TV. The snacks were weighed before and what was left were weighed after TV viewing.

Researchers found that people who viewed the interview show ate 104.3 grams of food, while those who watched action movie with sound on ate twice as that with 206.5 grams of food.

Study author Aner Tal, a Cornell’s Food and Brand Lab’s postdoctoral research associate, explained that the more stimulating, fast-paced programs with many camera cuts drew viewers in and distracted them from what they were eating.

Action movies’ viewers eat more because they are paying less attention to how much they are putting in their mouth.


(image via Suarez used under creative commons)

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