Sue Romero’s Value Village Smart Shopping Tips

Sue-with-Value-Village-logoWhen you think of Value Village, what do you think of? You should be thinking “Donate”!

Of course it’s a great place to find amazing bargains on clothes for you and your family and treasures you didn’t even know you needed…but the big thing is DONATIONS. See, Value Village doesn’t work without those. Did you know that when you donate at Value Village, you can get a coupon for the next time you shop there? Yup. Just type in your zip code at to see the nearest Community Donation Center…and all your other options too… even the local nonprofits that offer home pick-up service, so they can come get your stuff for you!

Plus, check out the contest page to see my visit at the Value Village in Edmonds. See all the outfits I tried on, vote for your favorite, and you’ll be entered for a chance to win a $100 ‘Value Village’ Gift Certificate! Warm 106.9 Smart Shopping Tips of the Week are brought to you by Value Village, the thrift super store!