Sue Romero’s Value Village Smart Shopping Tips

Sue-with-Value-Village-logoOne of the keys to successful thrift shopping at Value Village is to go in with an OPEN MIND.

You might have a certain item you’ve been looking for, for awhile – say, a Disneyland t-shirt – if you keep your eyes peeled in the Clothes Departments, there’s a very good chance you’ll find a Tinkerbell, Mickey Mouse or Goofy t-shirt that fits the bill!

That’s the great thing about Value Village – every one of their stores has more than 100, 000 items on the floor at a time – and they get new donations every day! From clothes and shoes to house wares and décor, you never know when you might find one of the treasures you have on your ‘mental wish list’.

And if you’re not looking for a specific item, great – that’s when you’ll find that perfect framed picture for the bathroom that you’ve been hunting for.

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