Pesky Facts from Whitworth Pest Solutions

Whitworth logo with sloganCheck out these Pesky Facts about common household pests below!

  1. Termites cause 5 billion in property damage in the United States each year.
  2. Whitworth-Pest-Bugs-2Most homeowners policies do NOT cover damage caused from termites, ants, rodents and most other pests.
  3. Only female bees and wasps can sting.
  4. Cockroaches can stop breathing for as long as 40 minutes.
  5. The average mosquito has 47 teeth (which they do not use to bite humans).
  6. Caterpillars have more muscles than humans.
  7. Flies taste what they walk on.
  8. A bed bug can survive up to a year or more without a blood meal.
  9. Stinging insects send more than half a million people to the emergency room every year.
  10. A female house mouse can give birth to as many as 150 babies per year.
  11. Fleas can jump 350 times their body length.
  12. One in every four animals on earth is a beetle.
  13. Crickets hear through their knees.

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