Pesky Facts from Whitworth Pest Solutions

whitlogoREWORKCheck out these pesky facts to help deal with pesky creatures, brought to you by Whitworth Pest Solutions!

Small Ants Running Rampant

Right now, odorous house ants (sometimes called sugar ants, sweet ants) are exploding all over western Washington. Spring and summer are when major problems with these ants begin. They are a common occurrence in homes through September and even later.

•    The odorous house ant is very small (1/10″ to 1/8″ in length) and dark brown to black in color.
•    They’re not a wood destroying organism like carpenter ants, but get into food, walk all over kitchen and bathroom counters, and travel all over the inside of homes looking for food and water to sustain their colonies.
•    Completely eliminating these ants is extremely difficult because they can live practically anywhere. Outside, nests may be found under rocks and sidewalks or in landscape timbers, groundcover, mulch, etc. Inside, they can nest in wall voids, crawl spaces, and just about any other void, including in any appliance or electronic device like toasters, microwaves, stereos, computers, etc.
•    They often prefer sweets (candy, syrups, honey, etc.) but will also seek out protein (dog food, peanut butter, greases, meats, etc.) depending on the needs of the colony.
•    Once food or water is found, a trail is established to deliver as many ant workers as possible to the source to retrieve it. Needless to say, it’s not a pleasant experience to discover hundreds of ants in your cupboards rummaging through your food.

Whitworth Pest Solutions focuses on odorous house ant colony elimination and prevention rather than quick fixes. We treat inside and out and use a combination of baits and water-based sprays appropriate to the situation. If you encounter these ants, call us soon after they’re first seen. The chances of successful results rise dramatically when the problem is tackled right away. Make Whitworth Pest Solutions your number one option for relief from these tiny, pesky invaders. Visit for more information