Warm DJ’s Remembering Prince

For nearly 40 years, Prince’s music has been eliciting reactions from the public. Many reacting by purchasing albums and attending concerts, and others by protesting his suggestive music and lyrics (it was Prince’s 1984 song “Darling Nikki” that gave birth to the infamous Parental Advisory sticker on albums).

We’re proud at Warm 106.9 to have DJ’s that proudly represent the former group. And on this day, the one year anniversary of Prince’s passing, we continue to remember this incredible musician and artist. We asked Warm 106.9 DJ’s Ashley, Shellie, and AJ to share some of their memories and thoughts on Prince.

When do you first remember hearing Prince’s music?

Ashley: I can’t remember when I first started hearing his music. I just remember it always being in the background of my life.

Shellie: In High School around 1981 when his Controversy album came out.  Was a game changer in music for me.

AJ: When I was in middle school. “I Would Die 4 You” STILL brings back memories of being at the skate rink trying to impress my crush with my skating moves (or lack there of).
Do you have a favorite Prince song/album? What makes it special?

Ashley: I like “When Dove’s Cry”, the beat is awesome!

Shellie: Easy, that was Purple Rain in ’84.  From the soundtrack to movie, it struck an emotional chord and from that moment I knew I was forever a Prince fan.

AJ: “Raspberry Beret”. I just have loved that song from the first time I heard it…and the video was SWEET. I always loved the jacket he wore in it.

Did you get to see Prince live in concert?

Ashley: No.

Shellie: Yes, several times.  Best parties I ever attended.  If you weren’t dancing, singing and celebrating…you we’re not at a PRINCE concert.

AJ: Never saw him…always wanted to. 🙁

Did you see Purple Rain in movie theaters?

Ashley: No.

Shellie: SEVERAL times during the first run.  Then again SEVERAL times during the second years later at midnight showings in Seattle.  Fun way to end a night after hanging out in the clubs.

AJ: No.

What is one word to describe Prince?

Ashley: Ruffles? I always picture him with ruffly shirts

Shellie: Angelic

AJ: Groundbreaking, Exceptional, Versatile, Phenomenal, Legendary (Sorry, he was too big to be described with one word)
Written by Mitch Etter

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