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Ultimate Relationship Test!

You’re in the market for love and while there are plenty of potential mates out there, the potential for a soulmate may be a little harder to come by.  When you find that potential person, how do you know if they are the right potential person?  Have no fear friends, that’s why Allan & Ashley, your dating gurus are here!  Through extensive research and analysis, thousands of interviews and one trusty laptop, we have come up with the Ultimate Test for your relationship.  This one’s a game-changer; are you ready?

If you want to know if your relationship can withstand the test of time and morning breath, you need only do this one thing….travel together.  Yes! That’s it!  Think about it, you’re with each other 24/7 in one small hotel room; what better way to get to know each other?  You’ll have makeup smudged under your eyes, your hair will look like birds moved in overnight, he will snore and lock himself in the bathroom for an hour (what do they do in there?).  Sounds like the true test of a match made in heaven!

If you need even more reasons why traveling together is the Ultimate Relationship Test, here you go:

1. See the worst of each other: While on the road, you’re with your partner 24/7 and there’s no way to hide who you really are. You get glimpse of what is beyond their best side. Traveling puts people out of their comfort zones and brings out the worst in them. Everyone has their own set of peculiarities which can be endearing or downright annoying. Ask yourself if you can deal with their idiosyncrasies for the rest of your life.

2. It’s all about reactions: In most cases, something DOES go wrong while traveling. It could be a bus delay, losing valuables or getting lost in a new country. Notice how your partner reacts in these situations. Are they problem solvers; are they too proud to ask for your help; do they end up making you miserable by whining about the situation or do they just laugh about it and turn it into a big joke? It’s important to figure out the reaction that you can live with.

3. Teamwork is the key: Couple traveling requires teamwork. So does marriage. The responsibilities get divided based on who can do what better. Figure out if you both operate in unison or not. Any successful long term relationship is a result of good teamwork. Being a good team is not just working together but is also supporting each other through thick and thin. If you suck at it the first few times, then let it teach you how to be a better team.

4. Space and trust issues: Everyone needs a little space in their relationship; however, not everyone lets their partner have that space. This could be because of a few insecurities or trust issues. Traveling gives you a sense of what is in store for you regarding space and trust. A few years back, traveling with my potential life partner made me realize that he was never going to let me indulge in a little “me” time. It happened when I decided to get a back massage to pamper myself after hours of walking around with a heavy backpack. He barged in during that massage and stood towering over my head all through my “me” time. He later mentioned it was because of a “male” masseur.

5. Conversations or confrontations: Long conversations are inevitable while traveling and certain unresolved issues have a way of resurfacing. Some matters remain unresolved because they are not addressed and may worsen with time. Traveling provides an opportunity to indulge in such discussions because you’re away from work, free of stress and are in a different surrounding. Every couple fights, but is every one of your conversations turning into a confrontation?

6. Compromise: Even if you have similar interests, traveling will force you to give and take in many situations. From simple things such as agreeing on a restaurant to something as big as choosing your next destination together — many circumstances demand a compromise. This will give you an idea of what kind of compromises you need to make if you decide to spend a lifetime together. It is only once you both learn to compromise, is when you can take your relationship to the next level.

About Ashley

Warm's morning show co-host Ashley was born and raised in the Seattle area, leaving only briefly to attend the University of Southern California. Upon her return to the PNW, she began her career in radio as a part-time promotions assistant at Sports Radio 950 KJR. She quickly moved into an on-air role as a traffic reporter and has continued to build an on-air presence as a contributor to the Ian Furness Show and Dave "Softy"Mahler show.