Today is Pay It Forward Day: 5 million acts of kindness around the world!

You know what Pay it Forward means, right? You do one little act of kindness, make somebody’s day just a little better, and hopefully inspire that person to do the same thing . . . and on it goes. This year, the folks behind Pay It Forward Day hope to inspire 5 million random acts of kindness around the world, which seems pretty doable in a world where 7 billion people live.

All it takes is a simple gesture: Buy the coffee for the person next to you in line or ahead of you at the drive-through. Pick up the tab for a stranger’s lunch. Buy two lottery tickets instead of one and give away the extra one.

Here’s what you’ll probably discover — and it’s a lesson you can take with you all year long: It feels good to do something for someone else, even if it’s a small, unexpected gesture.

Try it! How will you pay it forward today? Join the conversation on our Facebook page.

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