What to give Dad for Father's Day?

The perfect Father’s Day gift is here!

With Father’s Day just days away, you’re gonna want to jump on this gem real quick!

You can get your dad a Kraft Cheese bust…. Yes, it’s true!

The ebay listing says

“Odds are, at one point or another, your dad has exhibited cheesy behavior, i.e., cheesy jokes/cheesy shirts/cheesy music/any combination thereof. But does your dad’s cheesiness disqualify him from being great? Of course not!

cheese head father's day Kraft cheese bust
Kraft Cheese Bust

In fact, Kraft believes your old man’s cheesy greatness should be celebrated. Which is why we’re offering to commemorate your dad with a big ol’ block of Kraft cheese sculpted into his likeness. Will it be perfect? No. Will it be great? Absolutely. (Kinda like him.)

Get to bidding right HERE!



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