The fear is real!

It must all boil down to which fear is greater- that of a spider near your gas tank or that of potentially setting yourself on fire.  In the case of a Michigan man, the greater fear was that eight-legged critter crawling precariously close to his highly flammable gas tank.  Now, I don’t know about you, but when I see a spider, I put it in a glass and set it gently outside.  Others, flush them, some smush them; there are endless ways to rid your world of that pesky arachnid….but, it’s safe to say lighting one on fire has never entered my mind.  I may be alone there, who knows.  I like to think that whenever I have some sort of questionable lapse in judgement, common sense will kick in and I will not start a fire next to gasoline, but that’s really just speculation at this point.  Perhaps our friend in Michigan is really just doing what any of us would do when faced with such a treacherous being.

Enjoy the video  here –> Gas Station Fire

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