The 6 Types of Horrible Bosses

The 6 Types of Horrible Bosses

Who’s the worst boss you’ve ever had? Odds are, he or she fits one of the following six types, as compiled by CNNMoney from reader submissions:

Spineless Suck-Up. This horrible boss is an all-around jerks to employees, while acting like an absolute angel to superiors.

Jekyll & Hyde. Plays favorites and constantly creates double standards.Raging Narcissist. Serves up large helpings of egomania, with a side of mean.

Righteous Do-Nothing. Takes all the credit for your hard work, and never acknowledges when he’s wrong and you’re right.

Dudley Do-Wrong. This boss isolates himself from employees and doesn’t find out about problems until it’s too late.

Control Freak. Bosses who micromanage and only trust themselves to deliver a viable final product.

Rotten bosses come in at least 6 different flavors


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