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The ONE Phrase You Should Never Say To A Woman + Others To Avoid

Credit: Denis Pepin | BigStockPhoto.com

Ladies, I’d love to get your thoughts on this and guys…PAY ATTENTION!!!! Apparently, THIS is the WORST phrase a man can utter to a woman. What is it? ONE WORD: SMILE. Bonus: if you add “you’d be so pretty if” before “smile,” you’re getting a DEATH STARE. Kinda like what’s happening in the video below.   Runners up – NEVER ... Read More »

The Top 10 Things A Guy’s Girlfriend Or Wife Throws Out.

Credit: BigStockPhoto.com

I admit…I had some leopard print stuff that REALLY did need to go and thankfully, my wife helped me make that happen! lol. Other than that, she’s never really wanted to toss any of my other junk. (at LEAST she hasn’t admitted to it) 😉 Women can be ruthless when it comes to throwing out their guy’s stuff. Why? Usually ... Read More »