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The Heat Is On In The Pacific Northwest…Here Are Some Safety Tips.


As the summer heat kicks in to high gear and with so many homes with no air conditioning for relief from the heat…just a friendly reminder that heat related illnesses are a serious problem, ESPECIALLY for seniors, disabled persons, small children and pets.iors, disabled persons, small children and pets. What To Watch For The signs of heat exhaustion and heat ... Read More »

The 9 Foods And Drinks That Make You Tastier To Mosquitos.


Summer is great…I personally love it because I get to spend a bunch of time outdoors. Whether it be hiking, biking, swimming, camping it’s all fun HOWEVER….there are a couple of drawbacks, one of them (and the most annoying one in my humble opinion) is mosquitos! I came across this article that shows the top foods you should AVOID to ... Read More »