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Traveling This Weekend? Here’s What You Need To Know.

Credit: brento | BigStockPhoto.com

Whether by road or by sea…OR if you’re just sticking around town, here are some things that could make getting around a little easier or at the VERY least…prepare you. Safe travels! Here’s to a Happy and safe Memorial Day Weekend!

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Today Is “Red Nose Day”.

Credit: urbanbuzz | BigStockPhoto.com

If you’ve been seeing a bunch of people sporting those big rubber red noses…it’s for a very good cause!

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Could This WOMAN Be The Next James Bond?!

Credit: Alhovik | BigStockPhoto.com

A lot of established characters are getting “re-imagined” these days.  From a black Human Torch to female Ghostbusters.  But could the world handle a female James Bond?

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