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Seattle Makes The Top Five!!! (For WORST Traffic) Here’s Why….


My wife and I have lived here for 3 years now and we LOVE it here! One of the drawbacks though is…traffic. But when you live in an awesome place and more and more people realize how awesome it is and come here to live…that’s what happens. Oh AND when you get a bunch of people that TRULY don’t know ... Read More »

Ok Now THIS Is Really Cool…You Can Play Pac-Man On The Streets Of Seattle!!


Sorry, but you’re not gonna get any work done for the rest of the day! Google Maps has launched an interactive Pac-Man map for nearly any street in the world! Play downtown Seattle around from Pike Place to the Space Needle and all points in between and around! You can literally play ANYWHERE in the world! Here’s how to do ... Read More »

4 Year Old Girl Had A Craving…A SERIOUS Craving! [VIDEO]


A 4-year-old girl has grabbed her purple raincoat, slipped out of her house at 3 a.m. and hopped a Philadelphia bus in search of a snack. Bus driver Harlan Jenifer says the girl swung her legs in a seat as she chanted, “All I want is a slushie.” Authorities say the girl’s family didn’t know she had awoken and unlocked ... Read More »

#StuffOnMyBaby…It’s A REAL Thing And It’s Sweeping The Nation!


Hey, parents need to be entertained too ya know! As a new parent myself…this thought never even came close to crossing my mind but I gotta admit…these pics sure are pretty cute. Whether you agree or disagree with this new craze…check out some fun baby pics.   image via flickr.com/Lee Lilly used under creative commons) Read More »

There’s Now A Dating Website For People Who Believe In Ghosts!


Honestly…I’m SO glad I don’t have to worry about dating anymore. With all of these dating websites that have popped up lately…kinda makes my head spin but at the same time, with all of these options you’re BOUND to find the love of your life…right??? Well…here’s ONE MORE dating site option for all the believers out there. Read More »

If You Share A Bathroom With Your Significant Other, Here Are Some Tips To Help Save Your Sanity…And Quite Possibly Your Relationship!


Between keeping the toilet seat up or down, cleaning it, the clutter, hair in the sink etc…the bathroom has been know to be quite the battleground for many couples throughout the history of time. (Just ask Madonna) Tips to help ease the frustrations of sharing a bathroom.   image via flickr.com/Leslie Gottlieb used under creative commons) Read More »

Starbucks Rolling Out A Special Birthday Treat.


YUMMMMMM…birthday cake! Starbucks is celebrating 20 years of iced beverages with a little birthday cake in the form of a Birthday Cake Frappucchino!   (image via flickr.com/ PG NETO used under creative commons) Read More »