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20 Fun Weekend Getaways From Seattle.

Credit: Lilly Lapcakova | BigStockPhoto.com

We love our city but let’s face it, every now and again it’s nice to get away for a while. Especially this time of year when you just need to break away from the doldrums and all of the cloudy,  rainy days.

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The Best Way To Get A Raise Is…

Credit: Nyul | BigStockPhoto.com

A recent study analyzed data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and they found the key to getting a big raise is . . .

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This Chef Lost 100 Pounds By Eating Nothing But Pizza Every Day!


We’ve ALL heard our fair share of crazy diets! But what about the PIZZA DIET! Well it’s real. According to Chef Pasquale Cozzolino who lost 100 lbs on his “healthy pizza diet”…which he swears by, how can you argue with the results?!

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The Oscar Gift Bag Is Worth Over $200,000!

Credit: kathclick | BigStockPhoto.com

This year’s Oscar gifts bag are worth $200,000.  And, as usual, they only go to the nominees in the major acting and directing categories.  Here’s some of what’s inside: (because they can’t afford any of these things on their own) 😉

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