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4 Tips to Get Your Kids Back on a Sleep Schedule.


Back to school time is upon us and that means…back to a daily and nightly routine! Chances are, your kids spent the summer staying up and sleeping in later than they do during the school year. Here are four tips for getting your kids back on a regular sleep schedule before classes start again. image via flickr.com/Tammy used under creative ... Read More »

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Are Married!


A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to those two adorable little lovebirds, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie got married in France on Saturday, nine years after they first started dating. The ceremony also comes two years after they announced their engagement in 2012. The nuptials took place at Chateau Miraval in the south of France. Fun fact: The chateau produces a rose wine ... Read More »

Fanatical Vietnam Vet Gets Prosthetic Eye With Seahawks Logo.


Bill VandenBush is a decorated Vietnam vet who lost his right eye in combat. He’s also a hard-core Seattle Seahawks fan. So for his 10th wedding anniversary late last month, his wife got him a new prosthetic eye–with a Seahawks logo where the false pupil normally is. He says he plans to sport the fake eyeball at “every gathering with Seahawks’ ... Read More »

Panda Fakes Pregnancy to Get More Food.


This is too cute NOT to share…I love pandas, they’re fantastic in so many ways and apparently can be a little mischievous! A 6-year-old giant panda named Ai Hin, who was set to give birth on live Chinese TV, evidently faked her pregnancy so she could get more food from her handlers. Experts believe that pandas sometimes behave like they’re pregnant ... Read More »

Who’s the Funniest Saturday Night Live Castmember Ever? Cast YOUR vote!


For the last week or so, Grantland has invited fans to vote for their favorite Saturday Night Live castmember in a March Madness-style tournament which coincides with the show’s 40th anniversary. The field has now been winnowed to the Final Four, with Eddie Murphy, who just defeated Bill Murray in the Elite Eight, set to square off against Phil Hartman ... Read More »

Prince Set to Release 1st Solo Album in 4 Years!!


I’m SO excited for this news…Prince will release his first solo album in four years on September 30! That’s the same day his full-length album with his all-girl backing band 3rd Eye Girl also drops. The solo collection will be called Artificial Age, while the album with 3rd Eye Girl is to be titled Plectrum Electrum. The news was revealed ... Read More »

Here’s A Tribute To Moms Everywhere Because…Well, You Rock!


Moms rock, there’s NO doubt about it and this encapsulates pretty much everything that a mom says to her kids on any given day. “Momisms” if you will. Everything a mom says in 24 hours reduced to 2 minutes, 55 seconds, and set to the William Tell Overture by the very funny Anita Renfroe.     image via flickr.com/LexnGer used ... Read More »

10 Required Reading Books That Will Change Your Life.


My wife is a BIG TIME reader, me however…not so much. I wish I was, I TRY to be but unless I’m REALLY into it, I can’t sit still long enough to read. However after checking out this article, I may have to try a couple of these. The entertainment writers at Huffington Post have rounded up 10 of their ... Read More »

“Baby Got Class” Parents’ Back To School Video Is A Hit!


Back to school time is upon us and this has made a lot of parents VERY happy. This family was inspired to create a song and video paying homage to Seattle’s own, Sir Mix-A-Lot. Baby Got Class was created by the Holderness familiy and has already gone viral. “I like big buses and I cannot lie…” seriously, I think THIS. IS. BRILLIANT!! ... Read More »

What’s A Sport And What’s Not A Sport?


I recently overheard a VERY heated discussion as to whether cheerleading is a sport or not. Today, I just came across THIS story from Reddit. They polled people in hopes of determining which “sports“ are legitimate and which aren’t. Auto racing, bowling, Frisbee golf, kickball, dodgeball, roller derby and jai alai all garnered a majority of “yes, it’s a sport“ ... Read More »