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97 Year Old Man Kicked Out Of Retirement Home For Ukelele Playing.


A 97-year-old California man ended up at a homeless shelter after a retirement home in Napa allegedly gave him the boot because of his ukulele playing. Jim Farrell, a Merchant Marine veteran who was born in 1917, was a resident of Redwood Retirement, but he didn’t exactly see eye-to-eye with management. Farrell was asked to leave the home and he ... Read More »

7 Ways To Simplify Life As A Mom!


I truly believe moms are superheroes…I know my mom is and with the demands of everyday life and the balancing act moms have to perform on a daily basis…here are some things that might help. (If you don’t do them already) Thanks moms for ALL that you do!!! 1. Create a schedule. So you spend more time cuddling.   2. ... Read More »

Disabled Kitty Learns To Walk With A Walker [VIDEO]

D90 Preset

Ok, after watching this video, I’m a mess. (In a good way) Thumper was part of a rescue litter, but right away they noticed something about this cute kitten.  He was having problems using his back legs.  They discovered Thumper had a rare neurological disorder.  His foster mom wasn’t about to give up on him though.  THIS…is Thumper’s story.   image via flickr.com/Mats ... Read More »

This Company Is Limiting Employees Bathroom Breaks.


So how would YOU feel if your workplace started to limit your bathroom breaks? Well, it’s happening at this company in Chicago and people are not too happy about it…AT ALL!   (image via flickr.com/Vanessa Evans used under creative commons) Read More »

ABC Announces Fall TV Lineup.


Love me some Grey’s Anatomy so I’m pretty excited about this…ABC just announced the lineup for their fall TV schedule. Lots of shows, lots of action…make sure you’re up to date with everything HERE. Read More »

The 20 Things That Drive Us Crazy At Work!


A lot of times, you end up spending more time with your “work family” than you do with your ACTUAL family…which in some cases can be pretty scary! So it’s important that you can at LEAST tolerate one another, get along and get the job done without hating each other TOO much. However, a lot of things…little things can build ... Read More »

What People In Washington (And Other States) Like To Google.


What do people in Washington and Oregon Google more than people anywhere else? The website Estately analyzed Google search data to figure out the things people in each state Google MORE than people in any other state, and the results are great. ~AJ What’s the last thing YOU googled?   image via flickr.com/Tomas de Aquino Read More »

The Heat Is On In The Pacific Northwest…Here Are Some Safety Tips.


As the summer heat kicks in to high gear and with so many homes with no air conditioning for relief from the heat…just a friendly reminder that heat related illnesses are a serious problem, ESPECIALLY for seniors, disabled persons, small children and pets.iors, disabled persons, small children and pets. What To Watch For The signs of heat exhaustion and heat ... Read More »