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[POLL] Burgers And Fries…Fries And Burgers, Who has THE BEST??

Jaryl Cabuco Photography 2011

According to a new study, over one third of Americans think that McDonald’s has the best fries, but only 7 percent think that the Golden Arches’ burger was the best. A YouGov, which surveyed over 1,100 Americans to find out who had the best fast food in the country, also showed that the fast food joint with the best burger was ... Read More »

Satisfying Your Chocolate Fix With…Puppies!?!?! [VIDEO]


Here’s a fun way to cure the Monday blahs…Chocolate lab puppies EVERYWHERE….playing with a teddy bear and just capturing ALL of the cuteness in one simple video. Why?? Why NOT???? Life is good!     image via flickr.com/jonathan moreau used under creative commons) Read More »