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Trading in touring for a diploma?

Credit: Vega 26LY

Adele has earned a break!  After her huge string of hits, she apparently wants to take some time off to focus on being a mom, and fulfill a dream to earn a university degree! Adele

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Inflatable bike helmets?

Beautiful young girl in a bicycle crash isolated in white

Whether for recreation or for commuting, bicycling is huge in the Northwest!  Inventors in Sweden have come up with an inflatable helmet which is worn like a scarf, letting you feel the wind through your hair!!!…only inflating when a crash occurs.  So if you enjoy two-wheeling around the Puget Sound, is this something you’d invest in? inflatable bike helmet

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The Harvest Moon Rises Tonight.

Credit: jpldesigns | BigStockPhoto.com

Look up! The harvest moon will be showing off tonight in that beautiful late summer Western Washington sky!

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