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The Top 10 Things To NOT Get Mom For Mother’s Day!

Father and son kissing mother on her birthday

Mother’s Day is coming up THIS SUNDAY! (not that you needed reminding because how could you EVER forget Mom?!?!) If you’re scrambling for a last minute gift idea, it’s safe to say that Mom will appreciate ANYTHING that you get her but deep down… here are some things that more than likely, she really doesn’t want.  10 things to NOT ... Read More »

The Male Version Of Hooters Is Opening in May!!


Tallywackers…a male version of Hooters is indeed a REAL thing. I did a quick run through survey of ladies (and some guys for that matter) at the radio station and they ALL said they would love to check this place out. Unfortunately for them and anyone else that wants to go…you’re gonna have to take a trip to Texas? The ... Read More »

The Exact Time Of The Day That Is MOST Stressful To Parents Is…


No matter how stressful your job is, it’s not as hard as getting your kid to put on pants, eat a damn waffle, and make it to school on time. A new study of 2.3 million parents found that the most stressful moment of their day is…7:35 A.M. And obviously that doesn’t have anything to do with what’s happening at ... Read More »