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Your Thanksgiving Questions Answered…By Betty, Sara and Butterball.


With all of the hype regarding Christmas seems to get bigger and bigger EVERY year, let’s not forget about Thanksgiving. Check out the top three Thanksgiving questions Butterball, Betty Crocker and Sara Lee’s hotlines received last year – with the answers! – so your holiday meal can go off without a hitch. HERE!   image via flickr.com/marina used under creative commons) Read More »

7 Questions SMART Men Never Ask Their Wives!

angry couple

Happy wife happy life right?!?! Some things are just better left unsaid OR…said in a different way.  Here is a rundown of 7 questions that SMART men should know better than to ask their lovely brides. Ladies, would you like to add anything else to this list?   (image via flickr.com/Elizabeth Rose Sharpe used under creative commons) Read More »