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The Exact Time Of The Day That Is MOST Stressful To Parents Is…

Credit: BigStockPhoto.com

No matter how stressful your job is, it’s not as hard as getting your kid to put on pants, eat a damn waffle, and make it to school on time. A new study of 2.3 million parents found that the most stressful moment of their day is…7:35 A.M. And obviously that doesn’t have anything to do with what’s happening at …

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#StuffOnMyBaby…It’s A REAL Thing And It’s Sweeping The Nation!


Hey, parents need to be entertained too ya know! As a new parent myself…this thought never even came close to crossing my mind but I gotta admit…these pics sure are pretty cute. Whether you agree or disagree with this new craze…check out some fun baby pics. 🙂   image via flickr.com/Lee Lilly used under creative commons)

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