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Volkswagon Scares An Entire Movie Theater With A Simple Text. [VIDEO]

Here’s a pretty brilliant way to get people to stop texting and driving.  Volkswagen played a new ad before the previews at a movie theater in Hong Kong recently. While that was playing, they sent a text message to everyone in the theater at the exact same time and THAT’S when things got real. (image via flickr.com/jhaymesisviphotagraphy used under creative ... Read More »

The Markup On Movie Theater Snacks Is HOW MUCH?!?!?!

 I rarely go to movies and after checking out this story…I’m reminded why…other than NOT wanting to pay over $20 JUST to get in the door. A business school professor at the University of California, Irvine analyzed how much the average movie theater charges for different food at their concession stand versus how much it costs…and it’s REALLY obnoxious!   Read More »