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The Top 10 Things A Guy’s Girlfriend Or Wife Throws Out.


I admit…I had some leopard print stuff that REALLY did need to go and thankfully, my wife helped me make that happen! lol. Other than that, she’s never really wanted to toss any of my other junk. (at LEAST she hasn’t admitted to it) Women can be ruthless when it comes to throwing out their guy’s stuff. Why? Usually because ... Read More »

[SURVEY] Men should ALWAYS Pay On The First Date?

first date

  Remember the last time you went on a first date? Last night? A month ago? A year? It’s been so long you can’t remember who it was with? Well, do you remember who paid? When it comes to paying for the first date, most men and women still expect the man to pick up the tab. Just over 77 percent ... Read More »

Men Like Bacon, Women Dig Lemons…AND Cute Animals.


What makes men and women happy?  Very different things, it turns out. In a new survey, men’s top-five mood-boosting scents were bacon, bread, coffee, fish and chips, and the seaside, while women most enjoy smelling lemons, bread, clean sheets, the seaside, and flowers. In terms of visuals which boosted guy’s moods, attractive women surprise! topped the list, followed by beautiful ... Read More »

Women Need To Stop Doing These Things…Immediately!

We’ve been talking a lot about all the things that men need to stop doing immediately, but what about the other gender? It’s only fair we turn the tables, and Reddit users did just that, but now we’re asking you to fill in the blank: Women need to stop doing _________ immediately.   (image via flickr.com/Nicole Yeary used under creative ... Read More »

Guys With These 10 Names Are Most Likely To Cheat.

This is clearly not etched in stone so if your man has one of these names, don’t get mad and just throw his crap out on the street. But as harsh as this may sound let’s face it…people cheat. Men and women both…it happens, at some point or another in our lives, I think it’s safe to say that most ... Read More »

The New Health Trend For Men…Breast Milk!?!?

So apparently more and more men are purchasing breast milk for its health benefits. THIS according to a story I just checked out. I’m all about being as healthy as I can and trying different things that are good for you but I’ve got to be honest, this one is kinda catching me off guard. Many men claim breast milk ... Read More »

The Top Ten Things Men Do That Cause Women To Cheat.

Let’s face it, we ALL have bad habits…some more than others but NOBODY is perfect. Some problems are worse than others and some are simply intolerable. A new survey by the dating site Victoria Milan reveals that 73% of people cheat because of their partner’s irritating qualities. For today, check out the top 10 things men do that cause women ... Read More »