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The Controversial New Maroon 5 Video With Raw Meat And Animal Blood Gets The “OK” From PETA. [VIDEO]


Seems like everyone’s got an opinion about Maroon 5‘s new video for “Animals,” which shows Adam Levine stalking a woman, and hanging around — literally — in a meat locker filled with sides of beef while smearing blood on himself.  The latest to weigh in on the topic is People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, and surprisingly, they kinda ... Read More »

Maroon 5 Performs The Song “Happy” In A “Not So Happy Way”.


Pharrell Williams’ hit “Happy” is one of the most upbeat hits of the past year, but Maroon 5 has now put a very unique spin on the tune, making it almost unrecognizable. Appearing on the Live Lounge program on U.K.’s BBC Radio 1, which encourages artists to perform acoustic versions of other artists’ hits, Adam Levine and company slowed “Happy” ... Read More »

Maroon 5 To Release New Single.

With all this talk about Adam Levine’s wedding coming up, we don’t want to glance over the music aspect of the band. So Maroon 5’s new album “V” is coming out on September 2 and there will be a tour kicking off this summer as well. The band also just announced details about their new single and revealed the cover ... Read More »

Adam Levine Has Gone Blonde.

Adam Levine has dyed his hair bleached blond. The singer showed off his new color in a picture via Twitter, which he captioned, “Apocalypse prep course complete.” So what do you think, Dark Adam or Blonde Adam?       (image via flickr.com/Lunchbox LP used under creative commons) Read More »