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10 Tips for Surviving Your Quarter-Life Crisis!


People joke that quarter-life crises have to do with curbing your drinking or finally dumping your crappy boyfriend. But deep down, they’re really about the disconnect twentysomethings often feel between what they’re doing with their lives and what they actually want to be doing. Here are 10 tips on surviving your quarter-life crisis from Mary Traina, author of The Twentysomething ... Read More »

Cyber Bullying…What EVERY Parent Should Know.


Unfortunately, this seems to be a problem that just won’t go away and these days…it just seems to be getting worse with more and more social media outlets and technology getting so much bigger. Here are some things EVERY parent should look out for and know about cyber bulling. Read More »

7 Ways To Simplify Life As A Mom!


I truly believe moms are superheroes…I know my mom is and with the demands of everyday life and the balancing act moms have to perform on a daily basis…here are some things that might help. (If you don’t do them already) Thanks moms for ALL that you do!!! 1. Create a schedule. So you spend more time cuddling.   2. ... Read More »