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Ten Little Things In Life That Make People Happy.

Credit: borodaev | BigStockPhoto.com

What’s the one little thing in life that makes you happy? Someone posted the question on Reddit, and here are some of my favorites from the list. What little simple thing in life gives YOU great pleasure? Read More »

Dad’s Trick Gets Baby To Sleep In Only 40 Seconds! [VIDEO]


Sydney father Nathan Dailo shows the method that he says works wonders on his 3-month-old son, Seth, in this video, he shows how he’s able to get his son from squirmy to snoozing in just 40 seconds by using…tissue paper! As a new dad, I have to admit, sleep is very UNDERRATED part of life. I will also admit that ... Read More »

21 Things To Stop Worrying About In 2015.

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These ALL sound pretty good to me! As we enter a new year, there are many things to keep in mind: mantras to live by, resolutions to make, new goals to set. But January is also a great time to take stock of the things we’re wasting time, energy and stress on…check out the things we need to  stop caring  about ... Read More »