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10 Year Old Girl Saves Her Dad’s Life…With A Facebook Video. [VIDEO]

A lot of times people like to complain about social media….it’s too this or it’s too that and people spend way too much time on it. While some of that may be true…it’s time like THIS when social media is a lifesaver…LITERALLY! When a tree fell on her dad, this 10 year-old saved his life by making this Facebook video! ... Read More »

A New Facebook Site Tells You Which Friends Are Most Similar To You.

Unless you’re really selective about Facebook friends, you’re probably friends with random people you went to elementary school with, and people you think you MIGHT have met at a party once. Time to find out who you REALLY match with. There’s a new website that that can figure out which Facebook friends are most similar to you. It’s called labs.five.com ... Read More »

Facebook Added A Button So You Can Ask Someone…

There’s a button for THIS and a button for THAT and we’ve also discussed buttons that we would LIKE to see and now…Facebook has added a new button…the ASK button. (image via flickr.com/SEO used under creative commons) Read More »