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Charlie Sheen Is Coming To The Rescue Of The Server Who Got The 20 Cent Tip By NFL Player LeSean McCoy.


Charlie Sheen is taking sides in the “Tip War” involving NFL star LeSean McCoy — claiming he’s giving $1,000 to the waiter McCoy stiffed after a controversial lunch earlier this week. Actually, it wasn’t a technical “stiffing” — the Philadelphia Eagles running back tipped a waiter named Rob 20 cents on a $61.56 meal at PYT restaurant in Philly. McCoy ... Read More »

10 Things In Your Home That Are Germier Than A Toilet Seat.


Ok, so while this is kind of a gross story…well, it’s actually flat out disgusting! When I came across this article today and was sharing it with my wife, we found it both helpful AND eye opening. The toothbrush and cell phone ones, we already knew about but several of these were eye opening and have raised some awareness in ... Read More »

The BEST TIME To Book A Flight Is…


When to book…when NOT to book!? Those are the questions a lot of us ask ourselves while planning a trip. Well now, those questions have been answered! Whether it’s just a short domestic flight or a long international trip, the BEST TIME to book a flight is… (image via flickr.com used under creative commons) Read More »

Here We Go Again…Another Royal Baby Is On The Way!


Princess Kate is expecting her second child.  Kate and Prince William, both 32, welcomed son George in July 2013, and from the moment he was born, the third in line to the throne has captivated royal-watchers around the world. From his first play date to learning how to walk, the chubby-cheeked toddler – whom William calls “a little rascal” – ... Read More »

Teachers Donate Sick Days To Help Co-Worker Fighting Cancer.


This is such a cool story! Teachers in a Los Angeles area school are rallying around a co-worker in need of some help. Carol Clark teaches sixth-grade and is battling cancer. She was forced to use all of her sick and vacation days for treatment. Faced with more tests and treatment and no time off available, Carol was a bind. ... Read More »

How Old Is “Old Enough” To Have A Cell Phone?


It’s an honest question that I’ve heard a LOT of parents talking about and discussing and with me having a little one on the way…I have my own opinions and I must say, they are in sync to what Jennifer Garner had to say about HER philosophy on the matter. When it comes to her kids — Samuel, 2½, Seraphina, ... Read More »

Seahawks Kick Off The NFL Season Tomorrow But The Festivities Have Already Begun.


The Seahawks officially kick off the NFL season tomorrow night as Super Bowl Champions when they take on the Green Bay Packers at Centurylink Field! However…even the game isn’t until tomorrow evening at 5:30…there is PLENTY to see and do around the stadium ESPECIALLY at Pioneer Square for the NFL Gameday Village, which includes some opportunities for you to meet ... Read More »

Watching THESE Kinds Of Movies Will Make You Eat More!?!?


 Are YOU buying this?? Personally I’m a little skeptical on studies like this sometimes but hey…they’re the “experts” right?!?! The researchers studied 94 undergraduate students who were randomly divided into three groups, each of which was put in front of a TV for 20 minutes. One group was asked to watch a part of the Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson ... Read More »