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Earthquake Shakes Seattle’s Eastside?!?!


Apparently, there was an earthquake this morning at 9:37 centered in Redmond measuring a 2.7 on the richter scale. Hmmm, I live in in Issaquah and didn’t feel it…did YOU??   image via flickr.com Read More »

Drinking THIS Is The Equivalent To An Hour At The Gym?!?!


Cheers to THIS study…ESPECIALLY if you love red wine! Apparently red wine has a compound in it that is very healthy for you…just like exercise. Almost sounds too good to be true…doesn’t it??   image via flickr.com/julleanne used under creative commons) Read More »

Judge Vetoes Parents’ Baby Name Because They Named Her…WHAT?!?!


Ok, so my wife and I are going through the baby naming process now and we’re down to 3 that we feel comfortable with no matter which route we go. I WILL say “Nutella” or anything of the sort is NOT one of them! Do YOU agree with this? Do you think anyone has the right to overrule a name ... Read More »

Here’s A Sneak Peek At Some Of The Top Commercials For Super Bowl Sunday.


When it comes to Super Bowl commercials…I think a LOT of them are not that impressive. However, every year there usually are a couple that REALLY stand out and the crazy thing is…you can see them earlier and earlier every year! I think it kind of loses its luster a bit for the big Super Bowl Sunday reveal…but what do ... Read More »