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Wake Up… It’s National Pancake Day!!


Well HERE’S a reason to roll out of bed this morning and have a great day, IHOP’s National Pancake Day is in full force today! From 7am-10pm, IHOP will be giving away a free stack of pancakes! While the cakes are free, they are asking that you make a donation to help out the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals or other ... Read More »

The New Girl Scout Cookie Oven Is Here And It’s Pretty Amazing!!!


Just for the record…this will NOT stop me from buying cookies from girl scouts and supporting their fine organization, just a way for me to satisfy my hankering during the cookie off season. I’m so excited! Today is the day that I get my Girl Scout Cookies! Thin mints, caramel delites, thanks-a-lots are MY favorites. I am ALSO excited about ... Read More »

Boyfriend Jeans For Toddlers & Babies? Old Navy Went There And Some Parents Are Less Than Thrilled.


Old Navy is caught in a bit of a controversy with their “Boyfriend Jeans”.  Yes, everyone loves the “boyfriend” jean, whose cut is so roomy that, the thinking goes, a woman might steal a pair from her beau. But, parents and experts say, toddlers and babies aren’t supposed to be thinking about boyfriends or their pants — or removing said ... Read More »