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Ten Little Things In Life That Make People Happy.

Credit: borodaev | BigStockPhoto.com

What’s the one little thing in life that makes you happy? Someone posted the question on Reddit, and here are some of my favorites from the list. What little simple thing in life gives YOU great pleasure? Read More »

WARNING: This Text Can Crash Your I-Phone!

Credit: oleggawriloff | BigStockPhoto.com

With all of the new technology, I am sure man of us think that our iPhones are indestructible! Until now… There is a New iPhone bug that is capable of crashing the phones with just one text message. The text can only be sent iPhone to iPhone but apparently once it is opened, the text will cause the phone to ... Read More »

Why You Shouldn’t Let Your Dog Lick Your Face.

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I’m guilty of allowing this. It’s so hard NOT to let them lick your face because we just love them SOOOOOO much and they’re so darn cute! The idea that your dog’s mouth is cleaner than yours is KIND of true. A lot of the germs they pick up don’t affect humans, but that doesn’t mean their mouths are clean. ... Read More »

The Mariners Want Their Version Of “Blue Friday” And They Want It To Be…

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Every Friday during football season, it is “Blue Friday”…Seahawks gear is worn PROUDLY throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond and it brings a great sense of togetherness and closeness with both fans and with the team. NOW, the Mariners would like to grab on to some of that fan enthusiasm with THEIR version of Blue Friday…ESPECIALLY for one particular Friday, ... Read More »

Check Out Taylor Swift’s New Video For “Bad Blood”. [VIDEO]

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Filled with cameos and rumored to be about Katy Perry, the video for “Bad Blood” Taylor’s new single was debuted last night on the Billboard Music Awards BUT…if you had better things to do than watch the show, I have it for you HERE!     Read More »

35 Years Ago Today, Mount St. Helens Erupted. Here’s How Things Have Changed (And NOT Changed) Since That Day.

Credit: Dan Schreiber | BigStockPhoto.com

One of the darkest and scariest days in our state’s history happened 35 years ago today. On a Sunday morning after a small-mid size earthquake, Mount St. Helens blew her top. Today, the area is filled with remnants along with a rebirth and regrowth which includes some really cool tourist attractions and hiking trails. Read More »

The Ten Names Of People That Make The Best Husbands And Wives.

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A study out of England has come up with the top 10 names associated with being the best husband, and the top 10 names associated with being the best wife. In the study, people ranked their husbands and wives on how kind, generous, and thoughtful they were.  Then the researchers calculated which names got the highest average scores.   Read More »

Man Faces Jail Time For Saving Dog’s Life!

Credit: Kaspars Grinvalds | BigStockPhoto.com

They say no good deed goes unpunished…and that’s EXACTLY what happened to this man. Michael Hammons, a Desert Storm veteran, rescued a dog trapped inside a hot car and literally saved it from dying, and what does he get? One year of possible jail time because he broke the window to the car. What does the owner get? A $250 ... Read More »