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The 3 Best Ways To Handle A Meltdown At Work.

Credit: dolgachov | BigStockPhoto.com

The next time you think you’re about to have an emotional MELTDOWN at work, here are three things you can do that are more effective than screaming, or going to the bathroom to cry. Read More »

School Buses Will Be All Over The Place Soon! [VIDEO]


School is starting soon! You will see yellow school buses everywhere. Deva Dalporto is this mother whose parody video about school bus safety awareness is going viral and just might save a life.     Read More »

Ten Things You Shouldn’t Own After 30

Credit: venusphoto | BigStockPhoto.com

Someone posted a list of the top ten things you shouldn’t own after you turn 30. (I had 5 of these things until I married my wife…when I was 35!) Read More »

We Spend Five Years Of Our Life Doing THIS…

Credit: AntonioGuillem | BigStockPhoto.com

A new study found we’re literally wasting years of our lives worrying. We do it for an average of one hour and 50 minutes a day. That’s almost 28 entire days per year, or five total years of your entire adult life. Read More »

Woman Creates Her Own Simpsons Themed Kitchen.

Credit: kathclick | BigStockPhoto.com

I enjoy the Simpsons and have for MANY years but these people are taking their love to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL by designing their kitchen to be exactly like the one The Simpsons have on their show. Check out the kitchen HERE. Read More »

Woman Finds A WHAT In Her Latte?!?!?!

Credit: TEA | BigStockPhoto.com

A woman named Kim Dillon in Phoenix, Arizona went to a Starbucks this weekend and got a sugar free latte. But as she drank it, she felt something weird in her mouth. Read More »