So, I was stuck in traffic today!!! No problem…. Listening to WARM 106.9 when I looked in my rear view mirror… The 20 something girl behind me was texting, not looking at my car but her phone, I was so upset watching her that I wasn’t watching the car in front of me.  I did not hit the car in front of me but could have because I was second hand distracted. All I could think is “WHAT IF SHE REAR ENDS ME”.

About Laurie Hardie

Laurie is a rare Seattle-born Native. She has raised her children, but as a working mom knows how important it is to look and feel your best. She currently volunteers with Queen It’s a New Day, a non-profit organization in Everett, giving women a hand up to feel great inside and out. As a published author and life coach, Laurie is WARM’s Afternoon Traffic host with the philosophy of…” traffic is a lot like life, sometimes you have a speed –limit drive and sometimes you hit a slow-down or detour, but with the right guidance and information, we can all get through it together”.