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Seattle’s Safeco Field: Come for the baseball, stay for the food

Sure, hot dogs and peanuts and Cracker Jacks are fine, but these days the palates of baseball fans are way more sophisticated than they used to be. And Safeco Field is way out in front when it comes to providing more eclectic cuisine than pretty much any other ballpark in the country, especially this season now that Seattle uber-restaurateur Ethan Stowell has kicked things up a notch on the menu.

In fact, the website Thrillist ranked every Major League ballpark by the quality of their food offerings, and guess who topped the list? Yup. Our team may not be Number One (yet), but the food in Safeco Field is definitely the best:

safe food


Condolences to the last-place ballpark on the list, Kaufman Stadium, the home of the Kansas City Royals, which not only had some issues with health department violations, but can’t even get it together enough to serve legendary Kansas City barbecue — they actually truck it in from Chicago. Sacrilege! Think about that while you’re enjoying a Dungeness crab sandwich with house-made lemon aioli on garlic butter-grilled artisan sourdough bread at the Safe. We’ve got it pretty good here.

Check out the entire MLB ballpark food rankings here.




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