Seafair says YES!  The  Hangup is we need a Hanger  (Bring’er home PBY)

Seafair says YES! The Hangup is we need a Hanger (Bring’er home PBY)

These giant Seaplanes once were Based in Seattle at Sand Point (Magnuson Park) on Lake Washington. They have not been seen here since the late 40s. Local Pilots Fred and Craig (PBYMA)  have a PBY and have connected with Mark Christopher (His dad flew a PBY in WW ll) to ask for help in being at SEAFAIR’s 65th Annual Celebration. Though  Mark has received a YES from Seafair for this years Airshow.  Fred and Craig are now in desperate need of a Hanger for 2 weeks  (that can handle the 104 feet Wing) so they can ready her for flight and a FAA Inspection.  They had this all setup at a hanger at PAINE Field but this week have been told that location is now  not available.  The guys with PBYs are hoping someone around this area can help.  If you or know of   anyone  that has ideas or connection with Arlington, BOEING, Paine Field, Bremerton, Renton? Please send info to and he will connect you with these pilots of PBYs.    They  have to have something going by early next week.

About Mark Christopher

Mark is native Seattle and a longtime Northwest & Seattle Radio connection. Colfax, Spokane, Shelton are among some of his radio roadway. From his connections to Seafair, Seattle tourism (Ride The Ducks Captain), and Northwest Musicians (he mastered efforts to put The Ventures in The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame). He is Host of KCTS9 COOKS (PBS) and seen during major Pledge Drive campaigns. Only three things will get him outta bed before sunrise…Fishing, Skiing and being on radio giving you reasons to smile!