Oops! Sam Smith admits he accidentally ripped off Tom Petty

Sam Smith didn’t mean to steal, but he admits that the chorus of his 4 million-selling song “Stay With Me” does sound like Tom Petty’s 1989 hit “I Won’t Back Down.” Sam and his co-writers said they weren’t familiar with the Petty song, but when they gave it a listen, they realized there was a startling similarity. Nobody wanted things to get ugly, though, so they worked out an amicable agreement that adds the names of Tom Petty and his co-writer, Jeff Lynne, to the songwriting credits on “Stay With Me.” Now everybody’s happy and every once in awhile Tom probably gets a sweet little songwriting royalty check that he wasn’t getting before.

Compare the songs below and spot the similarities:

Isn’t it nice when people can work things out without getting nasty?

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