Ready to splurge on an Apple Watch? Today’s the day!

It’s a very special Friday, because it’s the first day you can actually get your hands on the new Apple Watch. If you head into an Apple store you can touch it, you can pre-order it, but you can’t actually have one for two more weeks — they start shipping on April 24.

The big question is: Will you buy one? The cheapest Apple Watch will set you back $349, and the top-of-the-line model goes for $17,000. And it’s pretty much useless unless you also have an iPhone.


If you can’t decide whether to go for it or not, the website Macworld has something helpful for you: “5 Reasons to Splurge, 5 Reasons to Skip.” Reasons to buy include, “You’re an early adopter,” “Because you want a watch, fitness tracker, and tiny iPhone on your wrist,” and “Because you love Apple products and have $$$ to spend.” Okey dokey. Reasons to skip it: “Because it’s first-gen,” meaning the first generations of products often contain lots of bugs — bugs which you’re paying for the privilege of discovering. “Because it relies too much on iPhone,” Because it falls short at telling time,” and “Because it’s really expensive.”

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You can read all the pros and cons in that Macworld article here.

(images from Apple)


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