Puget Sound Women order Wedding Dress and forgotten?

Puget Sound Women order Wedding Dress and forgotten?

This is an email from a listener named Katie.  She provided permission for me to share this with you as she feels many women (Brides) may have seen this great deal on a Wedding Dress.  The problem now is the store has closed.  This story has also been shared on local telelvision News.
Hi Mark,

I’m a regular listener of your show, it helps keep me upbeat and going in the mornings. I’m writing you today because I need your help. In September I purchased a wedding dress for my July 12th wedding from a shop in Lakewood called The Elegant Bride. It was due to be delivered to the shop and begin the alteration process in the middle of January. Well, last week I was getting worried because the dress still hadn’t arrived and I hadn’t heard anything from the dress shop. I came to find out that the shop had been closed and the owner had disappeared. The property manager of the building was very generous and tried to work with the brides and help them find their dresses among the ones abandoned at the shop, however for a lot of brides including myself, the dresses were nowhere to be found. I contacted the manufacturer of my dress and was told that the order was never placed even though I had paid for the dress in full. The shop just took my money and pocketed it. To say the least, I am absolutely livid and devastated. Ordering a wedding dress is a timely process and now I’m left with just under 5 months to find another dress. Not to mention I am out the original money I paid for the dress. I am working on opening a claim with my credit card company, but that is also a timely process. Honestly, my heart is just broken.

I am not writing to you to help me get a new dress or anything like that, what I am asking you to do is help me let other brides out there know what happened. There very well may be other brides out there who don’t even know that this is going on, they may be sitting and waiting for their dress like I was and have no idea that it’s not coming. I am just worried about all the other brides out there. Please, help me spread the word and let them know!

I appreciate your help,


Photo by Wilson Hui / CC BY 2.0

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