My Personal Hike-A-Thon (At LEAST 50 Miles In 5 Days) To Benefit Hurricane Harvey Relief.

It started today! Hiking for the cause, here’s how YOU can help.

Today, as I was driving toward Stevens Pass at around 3AM mentally preparing myself for a sunrise hike to kick off my annual hike-a-thon, a thought crossed my mind. “What if I donate a $1 for every mile that I hike over the next five days?”. Typically my hike-a-thon is at LEAST 50 miles in 5 days so I’m gunning for that mark again this year…and THEN some!

I started things off at Beckler Peak near Stevens Pass (9 miles) and over the next 5 days, I’ll be going all over the Cascades including Mt Rainier, North Cascades and the Olympics as well!  For EVERY mile that I hike, I’m donating a dollar to the Harvey relief fund.

If you would like to match me for a donation (or do less/more) text STORM to 51555 to help out.


To find some amazing hikes for ALL skill levels, check out the WTA’s website HERE.



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