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Aaaannnnnd this is why you need to be careful when attempting to kiss a llama

Credit: YouTube

This woman was obviously smitten with that loveable llama face, and thought if she made sweet cooing sounds, she’d get a kiss with those big llama lips. But that’s not quite how it went down. Maybe llamas don’t appreciate those high-pitched squeaks . . . Read More »

6 Secret Tricks You Didn’t Know Your I-Phone Could Do.

Credit: Maksym Protsenko | BigStockPhoto.com

I’m a recent I-Phone 6’er…I’ve had it for a couple of months and I love it! I’m actually still learning about some of its cool features and after checking out THIS article, I’m super excited to try some of these out! Read More »

People Who Sing In The Car Are Happier, Healthier And Live Longer Lives.

Credit: Innovated Captures | BigStockPhoto.com

Not that I needed another reason or 3 to belt out some songs in the car but this is pretty cool! Research has shown singing in the car can improve your health, increase happiness and even extend your life! What’s YOUR favorite song to crank up and sing along to in the car?? Read More »

What The Text Is It?


Here’s your FRIDAY abstract photo of an everyday object.  Be the first to call in at 800-622-1069 to guess ‘what’ it is and win the daily prize! What do you think it is?  HINT:  Self contained. Vertical or horizontal. Sometimes classified. I seem to be losing to the cloud.  (scroll down for answer) Today’s prize is a pair of tickets ... Read More »