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What’s Your WORST Nightmare?

Producer Woody recently had dental surgery, which is his WORST nightmare! That got everyone talking about their nightmares. Ashley’s was being surrounded by jellyfish. What’s YOUR worst nightmare? Listen here! pt 1 pt 2 pt 3

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Fun on the 50’s!

Every day we like to find the little stories that are quirky, silly, or just downright cute. Our goal? To pick you up and make you feel good! Listen here!

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Air Quality Awful – What’s Trending

The smoke from the BC fires has made the air quality dangerous, though the weekend’s rain forecast should clear the haze. A poisonous copperhead snake spotted at Discovery Park turned out to be a non-venomous corn snake! Taylor Swift-gate continues, as Taylor’s mom, Andrea, breaks down in tears while testifying at her groping trial. And the Mariners swept the A’s …

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