Every Wednesday we feature adoptable pets who are currently residing at PAWS in Lynnwood or PAWS-Cat City in the University District looking for their Forever Families. Check back weekly for new photos & video featuring these adorable adoptables!

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Producer Woody’s Dating Intervention


Christmas is the time for giving and togetherness. Producer Woody has been famously single for too long! So Allan & Ashley decided to give him an intervention! Listen here! pt 1 pt 2 pt 3 pt 4

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Cute Kids talk Christmas

Little boy and girl making Christmas gingerbread house at fireplace in decorated living room. Kids playing with ginger bread under Christmas tree. Baking and cooking with children for Xmas at home.

Who doesn’t love Christmas and cute kids? Well how about cute kids talking about Christmassy things? Allan & Ashley have you covered, listen to the cuteness here!

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Snow Storm a No-Show, Amazon Go & Santa’s House for Sale

Christmas Tree and Christmas gift boxes in the interior with a fireplace. Christmas living room with fireplace and armchair

The big snow storm everyone’s been worried about has yet to show up. Amazon has opened a new physical store with NO checkout lines. It uses computers to watch you as you grab what you need and you just walk out! Plus, if you were in the market for a new home, you could buy Santa’s! Listen here!

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Random Thoughts…

Cloud in the form of a question mark

It’s time for another edition of Random Thoughts, where Allan & Ashley go around the room on a RANDOM topic with random THOUGHTS about it… Listen here!

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