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Woodland Park Zoo Komodo Dragons!

They are the largest lizards on the planet!  This weekend stop by Woodland Park Zoo and see the incredible Komodo Dragons.  Allan and Ashley went behind the scenes to meet these beautiful creatures.  See the video here and pay a visit to the Woodland Park Zoo before the kids head back to school.  Always an incredible time.  

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Why Can’t We Be Friends?

With the Seahawks in the news for fighting, and players getting suspended, Allan & Ashley got to talking about how to deal with squabbles. Is it okay to fine and suspend players for fighting in-game or during practice? The Husky’s coach makes players hold hands and run around the field. What do YOU think is the right way to handle …

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Fun on the 50’s!

Every day we like to find the little stories that are quirky, silly, or just downright cute. Our goal? To pick you up and make you feel good! Listen here!

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