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What if everybody in Jurassic Park wore high heels — even the dinosaurs?

Credit: YouTube

If you saw this summer’s blockbuster Jurassic World, maybe you noticed that the character of Claire Dearing, the park’s Operations Manager, played by Bryce Dallas Howard, spends much of the movie wearing high heels — a rather impractical footwear choice for somebody who needs to outrun dinosaurs on the rugged terrain of a remote island. Now YouTube user XVP Comedy ... Read More »

Wet Nose Wednesdays: Tyra, Sunshine and Taz


It’s Wet Nose Wednesday and we have two beautiful dogs and one gorgeous cat for your viewing pleasure! Tyra is a beautiful six-year-old girl looking for a home where she can spend her days playing and her nights snuggling under the covers. She loves to talk and is always willing to have a heart to heart.  Tyra likes to take ... Read More »