Every Wednesday we feature adoptable pets who are currently residing at PAWS in Lynnwood or PAWS-Cat City in the University District looking for their Forever Families. Check back weekly for new photos & video featuring these adorable adoptables!

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We’re Not Playing Around

Caransebes Romania December 22nd 2011 - Rubik cube (scrambled) isolated on white background

Q: Over 70% of adults DON’T know how to use this childhood toy…what is it?   It’s not a slinky, rubik cube or spirograph…     A: Yo-yo!

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What’s Ashley’s Daughter Saying?


Ashley’s two-year-old daughter is cute as all get-out. She’s still learning how to speak, so Ashley likes to record her for a little game we like to call “what is Ashley’s daughter saying?” See if YOU can guess before we give the answer! Listen here!

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Facebook Hoax and Hillary vs Trump: Third Presidential Debate

LONDON UK - MARCH 3RD 2016: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump pin badges over the American flag symbolizing their battle to become the next President of the United States 3rd March 2016.

There is a Facebook hoax going around that tells you to cut and paste some long legal jargon, for no apparent reason. Patriots coach, Bill Bellichek threw his Microsoft tablet on the ground? And the final presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is tonight. Allan & Ashley cover it all, listen here!

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Trump vs Hillary: The Final Countdown

July 28, 2016: Illustration showing as a boxer Republican Donald Trump versus Democrat Hillary Clinton in a boxing match with words Election 2016 done in cartoon style.

Much like when we’re on the last lap of a long, sweaty run, we are all looking forward to the last debate in this Presidential circus. Tonight is the night, and if the last debate was any indicator, it should be a doozy. Redbeard wrote a song for the occasion, Allan & Ashley talk all about it, listen here!

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