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Wet Nose Wednesday: Sundae, Brandi and Luther


It’s Wet Nose Wednesday and we have three beautiful cats for your viewing pleasure! Sundae is looking to be the extra sweet part of your day. She would love a home where she can lay in the sun and then snuggle with her favorite people all night. She loves playing with catnip and wouldn’t mind indulging every now and again. ... Read More »

Flashback to 1995: “Friends” cast members introduce the amazing new Windows 95

Credit: YouTube

Twenty years ago this week, Microsoft unveiled its revolutionary new operating system, Windows 95. It was supposed to get millions of consumers on board with the PC revolution and help users discover this new phenomenon called The Internet. But how to get people to pay attention and understand that computers weren’t just big, scary machines that only belonged in science ... Read More »

Watch this toddler’s sweet reaction to feeling rain for the first time

Credit: YouTube

With all the wildfires burning in our state, we sure don’t take rain for granted around here. I’m sure we’d all be happy for a few solid days of a big fat downpour to help those heroic firefighters do their jobs. Well, this toddler is pretty stoked about rain, too. In fact, although she’s watched it through the window, she ... Read More »