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Something’s in the Water!

Man catches 45 pound catfish in Greenlake! Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife says a man caught a huge channel catfish Saturday in Green Lake. Fish and Wildlife brought catfish to Green Lake in 2005, 2011 and 2014. They can reportedly live for more than 20 years. Brown and rainbow trout are also found in the lake. Listen here!

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Palmer’s Playlist

Christina in Kent had the difficult task this morning of trying to guess what Ashley’s daughter is actually singing! It’s a real classic this morning! Listen here!

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What’s Trending – SeaTac Scare

Scary afternoon commute near SeaTac Wednesday as a man on the side of the road fire a four different cars. Trump hits back at De Niro upon returning from his meeting with Kim Jong Un. De Niro gave a profanity filled speech against Trump at the Tonys…. THERE IS A MOM BLOGGER WHO ‘DOESN’T GET’ PARENTS WHO LET THEIR TODDLERS …

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