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What’s Ashley’s Daughter Saying?

Ashley’s three-year-old daughter is cute as all get-out. She’s still learning how to speak, so Ashley likes to record her for a little game we like to call “What is Ashley’s Daughter Actually Saying?” See if YOU can guess before we give the answer! Listen here!  

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What’s Trending – Blue Friday!

The Big Dark is turning out to be less of a mega-storm and more like business as usual in Seattle. Meanwhile Allan & Ashley debate the topic of umbrellas in Seattle: do true Seattlites use umbrellas or not? The Seahawks are playing the Giants in New York this weekend! Listen here!

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They’re made just for US and we refuse to use them!

Q:  Over 33 million of these are sold in United States each year, but very few are probably sold in Seattle.  What are they? A:  Umbrellas! Why do we refuse to use them!?!?!? Seriously, have you seen how much rain we get? Why are we so stubborn?  

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