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March for Babies 2016

Did you join Kaz and Warm 106.9 at March for Babies in Seattle on Saturday, April 30th, 2016? If so, check out your photo booth pictures below!

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71% Of Moms Want THIS For Mother’s Day On Sunday.

Credit: Goodluz |

A new survey found 71% of moms say the thing they want the most on Mother’s Day is some ALONE time. I mean, 91% say they would want their family to cook them a meal or snack, but afterwards, get the hell out, I guess? Here are the top five ways moms would want to spend that alone time on …

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Wait, That Lego Set is Worth How Much?!?!?

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How many have you pick-up or stepped on over the years.  Turns out, that money.  Big money!  Some say even better than gold! Well, if we’re talking investments and return on your money. (and we know these don’t come cheap). The has a great story on it: It’s no secret the world loves LEGO (after all, the average person …

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