Every Wednesday we feature adoptable pets who are currently residing at PAWS in Lynnwood or PAWS-Cat City in the University District looking for their Forever Families. Check back weekly for new photos & video featuring these adorable adoptables!

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A Debate as Old as Time

white toilet in modern home, white toilet bowl in cleaning room, flushing liquid in toilet, private toilet in modern room, interior equipment and modern restroom, cleaning toilet.

If you’ve ever been in a relationship, or even shared a bathroom with another person, chances are you’ve argued about leaving the toilet seat up. Allan & Ashley really opened up a can of worms when they introduced this topic on the show, everyone seems to have a different philosophy on the subject. You can listen to them debate this …

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GIANT Rubber Ducky on the Loose

rubber duckie

Rubber duckies are fun within the context of a bubble bath. But when they’re over 20ft high, inflatable, and blocking traffic in the middle of Glasgow, Scotland, it becomes kind of a problem. There’s not much worse than being late to work because of traffic… unless it’s because of a giant rubber ducky! Listen to Allan & Ashley talk all …

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Listener Wants Ashley to Leave Hillary’s Pantsuits ALONE

Louisville Kentucky - May 15 2016: Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton campaigns to a crowd at a rally in Louisville Kentucky.

It’s political season, and everyone is talking about the upcoming presidential election, including Allan & Ashley. We had one listener email in and complain about Ashley’s comments about Hillary Clinton’s pantsuits. So naturally, we read the email on air, and Ashley had something to say about it. Listen here!

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