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Dad gives his kid an avocado for his birthday to test his manners

Credit: YouTube

I’m all for raising kids with good manners, but I’m honestly not sure if this is good parenting or not. This father wanted to teach his son that you should always be grateful when someone gives you a gift, even if it’s not the greatest gift in the world. The dad, Jeff Simmons, told Global News, “Earlier in the day ... Read More »

Heading to Eastern WA? Check air quality here first

Credit: diak  | BigStockPhoto.com

With smoke from the wildfires causing unhealthy or even hazardous conditions for communities and firefighters in north-central Washington, you never know how it’s affecting nearby cities or us, west of the mountains. This website from county, state, federal agencies and local tribes will shows you how air quality is doing if you’re heading east of the Cascades. Be safe! Read More »