Once upon a time….Seafair Pirate Mark “Cabin Boy Christopher”

Once upon a time….Seafair Pirate Mark “Cabin Boy Christopher”

Thank you  to everyone who jammed Alki Beach (West Seattle) on Saturday.  The Seafair Pirates Landing now makes it official for this years 65th annual Seafair in Seattle.  The picture you see is the Seattle Seafair Pirates on a voyage to Grand Cayman Island in 1986 (Home of Blackbeard).  Can you spot which one is Mark Christopher?

Some” behind the scenes”Pirate Log

* Captain Kidd is leader of the Seafair Pirates. An elected position each year.  Seafair is when he takes command of the crew for a full year.  His first event is The ALKI Landing. He is provided a budget of $1000  for his Pirate costume and hat (no other pirate wears a hat).

* Davey Jones, is an honorary position among the Seafair Pirates and given to someone who is generous in the community and well respected. He too is allowed a budget for costume and is the only other pirate who wears a hat.

* New pirates come apply for membership  shortly after each Seafair.  They will then go a full year as a candidate (rookie age 21-79).  By the time July rolls around these new recruits are in shape and ready to prove their worthlessness. Seafair (8 weeks and 75 events) is the test.

*  The annual  Davey Jones Banquet occurs each year at Seafair.  It is here that many past pirates will seek permission to join the crew for the Seafair Torchlight Parade.  Any Pirates wearing a hat at Torchlight are former Capt. Kidd’s or Davey Jones  of years past.

Now, have you spotted Mark Christopher?  Left in picture, big hair and arm in the sky with a  sword.

About Mark Christopher

Mark is native Seattle and a longtime Northwest & Seattle Radio connection. Colfax, Spokane, Shelton are among some of his radio roadway. From his connections to Seafair, Seattle tourism (Ride The Ducks Captain), and Northwest Musicians (he mastered efforts to put The Ventures in The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame). He is Host of KCTS9 COOKS (PBS) and seen during major Pledge Drive campaigns. Only three things will get him outta bed before sunrise…Fishing, Skiing and being on radio giving you reasons to smile!