Passengers comes out tomorrow (12-21). I was lucky to see it early.


If you’ve ever seen a movie early, it’s A LOT OF PRESSURE.

People want to know how it was, if they should see it in theatres (or rent) and they want to compare it to movies they know.


I’m not taking on this MASSIVE responsibility, nor should ANYONE. Watch the trailer. Decide.

Movie critics are mean. On the way home, I started reading reviews. Amidst minor praise for Chris Pratt’s acting or cool special effects, a lot of reviews talked about how the movie “Should” have gone. When you enter a fictional environment, there is no such thing as “Should.” Any type of creative work is about choices. I really LOVED the fact that I would have made different choices. Those thoughts told me I was engaged in the story, that I believed it. It’s not supposed to be anything, let alone realistic.

How YOU pick movies is about YOU.

I, for example, simply enjoy staring at actors I admire for hours. If an actor I like is in a movie, I watch it. And I always like it. I also like the Horror/Thriller genre. I literally can’t think of a Horror movie that I hated.

Which is why this is NOT A MOVIE REVIEW. Cause you know what? I think movie reviews are dumb. You can make your own decisions. I trust you.



P.S. I hated the song in the end credits. But if you like it, we can still be friends.

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