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“Rainless In Seattle!” – What’s Trending!

We’ve gone 39 days without rain. Today is day 40…the record is 51! ABC is said to be pursuing former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer for Dancing With The Stars! American Idol is coming back to TV! We know Ryan Seacrest is back as the host.  Katy Perry is set to be a Judge.  Charlie Puth and Lionel Richie …

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Whoah, Disney, you’re all sorts of festive!

Q:  Disney World buys more of THESE than any other company in North America.  What are they? A:  Fireworks!! If you’ve seen any of the nightly fireworks shows, this shouldn’t be a shock!

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Hypnotize Your Hubby?

If you could hypnotize your significant other to do ONE thing, what would it be? According to a new study, the number one thing women would have their man do is give them a massage! Allan & Ashley talk to listeners about what they would have their spouse do! Listen here! pt 1 pt 2 pt 3

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