The Best Seattle Seahawks of All Time

Credit: RANKER

We’ve had, and currently have the BEST in the NFL.  But to break it down, who are some of the ALL TIME Best?  Looking for your votes (HERE).

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Perseid Meteor Shower: You’re Front Row Seat!

Credit: NASA/Credits: Fred Bruenjes

Thanks to a new moon, this week’s Perseid meteor shower is expected to be one of the best in years!  For the best view, get out as far as you can from city lights.  Best part of the show in the middle of the night to just before dawn.  That said,  NASA Television will bring viewers a front row seat …

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How to Avoid Skin Problems at Work [list]

Credit: Wiki How

This time of year is particularly bad with the dry weather, air conditioning couple that with all those germs!  Ewwwe.  Ok, here are some simple pro-active steps to avoid skin problems at work. Check it out, Wiki has a list of things you can do (HERE).  

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5 Ways To Get Back On Track at Work

Credit: FORBES/Overcoming Burnout: Five Ways To Get Back On Track At Work

Found this great article in Forbes for my at work friends who are experiencing ‘burnout’.  Hey, it happens to the best of us, there’s alot on our plates.  Read on. Career burnout is a chronic psychological condition characterized by exhaustion, cynicism and a lack of professional efficacy, says Christina Maslach, Ph.D., professor of psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, …

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Check Out The Space Needle PanoCam!

Photo Credit: Space Needle

Have you checked out the Space Needle PanoCam yet?  Captures a 360 photo of our beautiful city EVERY 10 MINUTES!  It’s pretty awesome, and the first in the world to do such a thing.

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Leona Lewis Visits WARM 106.9! [video]

Photo Credit:  Shellie Hart

She’s more beautiful in person than in her photos!  And she’s just such a nice, down to earth person with a beautiful soul and gifted voice.  We all know her song ‘BLEEDING LOVE’, well she’s finally releasing a new album with a tour to follow!  All the deets (HERE). Her new single is ‘THUNDER’ from her upcoming September release ‘I …

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The 6 Secrets Of Couples Who Stick Together Forever

Credit: morgueFile free photo/Prawny

Relationships can be hard work, but possible to find that forever soul-mate.  Here are some tips and in-depth how to communicate better by folks who have made it work.  Our grandparents:) 1. Recognize and embrace change 2. Fight 3. Forgive and move on Check out the other 3 and in-depth tips (HERE)

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National Stop on Red Week Underway

Credit: National Stop on Red Week

You’ve seen it, those who speed up to make a yellow and indeed run a red.  That split second decision to make it to work just a few minutes earlier may not be worth it. KING 5 has alerted us to a national campaign called ‘Stop on Red Week’.   This is to draw attention to the potentially deadly consequences of …

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Delete These 10 E-mail Phrases

Photo Credit:  Shellie Hart

How many e-mails do YOU read, compose and delete in an average workday?  Over 100 billion emails are sent each day, and the average time spent reading each one is 15-20 seconds. Keep it short, especially since 65 percent of all email is opened first on a smaller mobile screen. One way to ensure your message is received–and that your …

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Seattle Launches New Emergency Alerts & Notifications System

Credit: Alert Seattle

AlertSeattle is the official emergency notification system used by the City of Seattle to communicate with city residents during emergencies. Sign up now to receive free alerts from the City via text message, email, voice message or social media. To sign-up for AlertSeattle, click here To update your existing AlertSeattle preferences, click here to access your account Click here for …

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