Shellie Hart

Macklemore and Oscar the Grouch Sing ‘Thrift Shop’ Parody [VIDEO]


Hey, is Macklemore doing some TRASH TALKING?!?!?   Sesame Street has a long and storied tradition of playing host to pop culture icons over the years and the most recent celebrity appearance? The Seattle’s  Macklemore, known for his hit song “Thrift Shop.”  Check out what he and Oscar did with the song, super cute:) - Shellie Hart   Read More »

Game Day Goodness! (Recipes)


WOW!  If calories and carbs are not an issue with you on GAMEDAY, then check out these appetizers!  Actually, take a look anyways…as these are as much fun to prep as they are to eat, just do it in moderation.  Enjoy and GO HAWKS! WARM 106.9 GAME DAY Appetizers PINTEREST Board (HERE) Read More »

People’s Choice Awards (Winners)


Stars from TV, film and music were honored at the 2015 People’s Choice Awards, which aired Wednesday night live on CBS. Among the big winners? “The Big Bang Theory,” Ben Affleck, Viola Davis, Betty White, “Maleficent,” Robert Downey Jr., “Grey’s Anatomy” and dozens more. Check out the complete list of winners (HERE) Read More »

Seismology Will Again Watch/Help the Seahawk’s Playoff Run


According to the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network website:  When enthusiastic Seahawk fans jump up and down and shake the stadium (and the ground under it) we record those vibrations on nearby seismographs but don’t call them earthquakes. Such shaking was first recognized at the PNSN back in 2011 in response to a spectacular Marshawn Lynch run that was named a “Beast ... Read More »

Local Dog Returns Home After 6,000-mile Journey


A dog that went missing from a family in Washington was found over 2,000 miles across the country before reuniting with owners Friday. Penny, a 7-month-old female Vizsla, went missing just over two weeks ago in Quincy, Wash. In that time, the Brown family, who owned Penny, set up a Facebook page titled “Bring Penny Home for Christmas” in order ... Read More »

Santa Trackers: NORAD & Google ‘Sleigh In’ the Best!


Of course the kids will want to to track Santa’s progress throughout the world on Christmas Eve, but which one shall you download?  Here are two of the best…   NORAD Tracks Santa (HERE)    Google Santa Tracker - (HERE) Ways to use both (HERE) Popular Science review on BOTH (HERE) Read More »

Christmas Lights Can Be Seen From Space by NASA Satellites [VIDEO]


Wow, and I thought we had some pretty good Holiday Lights here in the Northwest.  While you can see Washington State had a handful of ‘hot’ spots, check out the east-coast!  This is pretty cool. - Shellie ‘Jingle Bell’ Hart NASA reports that satellite images show certain cities shine between 20 percent and 30 percent brighter during the holiday season. ... Read More »