Find A Food Truck [schedule & locations]

Credit: JULA | BigStockPhoto.com

Wanna get out and enjoy your favorite food truck in the sunshine today?  Well take your pick!  Soooooooo many good ones all around us!  Let’s help you narrow the search with SeattleFoodTruck.com, your resource for all things street food and catering. Check our daily schedule to find where your next meal is parked or book a food truck for your …

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#WNW: “Hi, My Name Is Petie”

Photo Credit:  Cliff Johnson

A handsome tripod looking for love! He doesn’t let having three legs slow him down and is always up for a new adventure. He loves the company of other dogs and would enjoy a friendly canine companion in his new home.  Currently at PAWS in Lynnwood and would love to meet.  More (HERE) for today’s WET NOSE WEDNESDAY and other …

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Springtime Sniffles? Yup, It’s Allergy Season [pollen forecast & tips]

Credit: Weather Channel/Pollen Forecast Seattle

Along with this beautiful weather coupled with Spring, come those annoying allergies.  Especially if your workout is outside.  Some helpful tips on that (HERE).  Otherwise, it’s the price we pay, but to help manage it up see the schedule/pollen forecast below: Daily POLLEN Forecast (HERE) Seattle Allergy Season Info (HERE)

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Unicorns Might Have Been Real? [photo]

Credit: http://www.bigstockphoto.com/image-60348797/stock-photo-unicorn-elm-forest | BigStockPhoto.com

A study published by the American Journal of Applied Sciences is drawing a lot of attention for positing an exciting theory: Unicorns might have been real, and they may have shared the earth with humans.  Wait, what?!?!? But let’s not get too excited, as the the Siberian unicorn wasn’t pure white with a braided glitter mane as we’ve all imagined.  …

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Celebrity Birthday Roll Call! *March 28th* [list & horoscope]

Credit: kathclick | BigStockPhoto.com

Born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, she became the first recording artist in history to have three singles sell over four million copies each online. She has released songs like“Pokerface”, “Paparazzi” and “Bad Romance.”  Recently sang the National Anthem at the Super Bowl and honored David Bowie at the Grammy’s.  Happy Birthday Lady Gaga. Today’s Horoscope for Aries   “If you’re …

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A Story to Warm Your Heart [video]


A video of two chimpanzees holding hands is capturing hearts all over the world. While the affectionate gesture is incredibly sweet to watch, the story behind the two chimpanzees makes the hand holding all the more sweet.  Full story/source (HERE). in short, vver since the two met at Save the Chimp’s sanctuary, Terry and Jeannie have cultivated a friendship that …

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Fun Ways to ‘Upcycle’ All Those Plastic Eggs [photo gallery]

Credit: ChasingMoments | BigStockPhoto.com

Once all the colorful plastic Easter eggs are found and opened, what do you do with them?  Well actually, there’s plenty.  AND, some fun crafts with the kids. View photo gallery/ideas (HERE). And this idea takes some work & time, but AWESOME results…JELLO EGGS!

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Iconic Seattle Restaurants [list]

Credit: Ivars YouTube Screen Shot

When you think Seattle food and dining, what comes to mind as the “most-Seattle” restaurants?  And is it seafood or burgers that come to mind first, or maybe it’s chicken or thai food? One of the most iconic is of course IVAR’S.  Then there’s DICKS DRIVE IN burgers.  Check out the other iconic restaurants (HERE) and would love for you …

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Easter Egg Hunts [list]

Credit: 	BlueOrange Studio | BigStockPhoto.com

We’ve gathered a handful of Easter Egg Hunts (and a few ‘eggstras’:) fun for you and the kiddos.  Start with this list (HERE).  This was a pretty good list, including Easter Photos (HERE). Then a more extensive one (HERE).  DOUBLE CHECK THE DATES and LINKS before you go.  Happy Easter!

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Celebrity Birthday Roll Call! *March 24th* [list & horoscope]

Credit: Famous Birthdays/Creative Commons

German New Wave singer known for her hit 1983 song “99 Luftballons.” Her solo albums include Bongo Girl, Chokmah, and Made in Germany. Happy Birthday Nena! (56) Check out who else was born on this date (HERE). Today’s Horoscope for Aries “Instead of getting bored by the idea of a routine, right now you will find a great deal of …

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