Healthy Trail Mix Snacks for Labor Day Weekend & Back To School [recipes & video]

Credit: Robyn Mackenzie | BigStockPhoto.com

Happy ‘Trail Mix’ Day!  Thought it would be fun to seek out a few that we’re on the ‘healthier’ side for your Labor Day Weekend travels, back-2-school snacks for the kiddo’s and perhaps yourself to help get you through the work day.  These one’s looked good (and easy) HERE. And check this one, yummy!  – Enjoy.

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Watch Those School Zones as Cameras are Watching You [map & more]

Credit: Raphaela Wilson | BigStockPhoto.com

It’s back to school time, which also means it’s time for us to pay more attention to those school zones.  One of the most expensive tickets you can get ($200+) is to get caught going over the speed limit in a zone AND those cameras are catching EVERY violator.  Not intentional of course.  So keep an eye out for the …

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Listen, Text & Win DURAN DURAN Tickets TODAY! [contest]

Credit: Xfinity Arena

See DURAN DURAN tomororw night (THUR) at Xfinity Arena at Everett  with our TICKET TAKEOVER!  Winning times to listen are 9:10am, 10:10am, 11:10am, 12:10pm, 1:10pm, 2:10pm, 3:10pm and 4:10pm for the text word of the hour for your chance to win a pair of tickets.   When you hear the cue-to-text, text the word to 37667 for your chance to see …

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‘THANK YOU’ from PAWS & The New WARM 106.9


What a day! Hundreds of two- and four-legged walkers are enjoying a well-earned rest after joining us for our 25th PAWSwalk. Together they helped raise more than $147,000 for the animals, and we’re still counting! We’ll be sure to share our final total, and keep an eye on the PAWS Facebook page for more photos from the event (coming soon). …

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Watermelon Salads GALORE! [recipes]

Credit: Jeni Foto | BigStockPhoto.com

Watermelons are at their prime right now, and there are soooooooo many wonderful refreshing and mouth watering recipes that I found that I wanted to share with you!  Take a look (HERE).

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Cheap Flight Day [Q&A]

Credit: 	Bychykhin Olexandr | BigStockPhoto.com

Cheap Flight Day is today ( Aug. 23) and it’s rumored to be one of the best times of the year to score cheap airfare tickets. Whether you’re searching for a cheap flight for domestic or international travel, you might be able to get a discount on your booking. Take advantage of this opportunity to get cheap flight tickets now for …

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How To Be An ‘Angel’ Today [list]

Credit: qoncept | BigStockPhoto.com

August 22 is National Be An Angel Day. Here are 22 ways to bring more light, love and laughter into our world.  They are simple, fun and incredibly rewarding:)  Check it out (HERE)

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Who Serves Up The BEST Ice Cream in Seattle? [list]

Credit: Perkmeup | BigStockPhoto.com

The sound of the ice cream truck, can hear it like it was yesterday.  Now days, I seek out unique flavors which now can be found all over the Puget Sound and local grocery stores.  But who serves up the best?  Hmmmmmmm, well that’s for you to decide.  But here’s a list to help get you started (HERE).  Have fun!

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Creative Popsicles & Flavors [recipes]

Credit:  Jeni Foto | BigStockPhoto.com

With the warm weather, I’ve been craving popsicles.  And the other day I thought “i used to make these ALL the time as a kid’… So why not now?  Especially with all these awesome flavors and recipes I found (HERE).  Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Lime Creamsicles, oh the list goes on:)   Enjoy@

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Add Some Spice to Cool Down [recipes]

Credit: 	photointrigue | BigStockPhoto.com

We hear it all the time, but does it work?  Eating spicy foods to cool down? Spicy foods make you sweat, which in turn helps you cool down faster. It’s as simple as that. So eat up to cool down!  To get you started, some tasty (and spicy) recipes that look pretty easy and delish >>(HERE) At the very least, …

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