Shellie Hart

And That Deep Fried Surprise Is…


A staple Easter candy in many places.  They’re rich, gooey and delicious. And if you want to make this classic even richer, try deep frying one today.  Did you guess right? They are deep fried Cadbury Creme Eggs® !!!  Would you eat it? Maybe we’ll see these at the fairs this summmer:)  Or, make them yourself with the ‘how-to’ recipe ... Read More »

You Can Meet Maroon 5, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift & More!


But it all comes at a $price$, a price for charity that is.  In other words meet your favorite artists and support a good cause.  CHARITYBUZZ offers fans to bid on concert tickets and meet-and-greets.  You can also bid on your favorite actors and athletes! Check it out HERE.   Read More »

10 Tips to Turn-Around a Less Than Desirable Workday


Work is stressful. There are deadlines to meet, bosses to please, customers to help, and it can feel like people are pulling you from every direction.  Whatever it may be at your workplace — take time to reflect and find ways to survive your worst days at work. Post photos of family, kids and pets around you, don’t skip breakfast ... Read More »

Time To Believe! M’s Featured on Cover of Sports Illustrated [photo]


BIG expectations this season, and with opening day quickly approaching (April 6th), it’s almost time to ‘play ball’ at Safeco Field.  Yay! The Mariners are one of four teams to be featured on regional covers of SI’s MLB preview edition, with Felix Hernandez (bellowing to the heavens) and Robinson Cano gracing the magazine on newstands in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, ... Read More »

My CertaPro Painters Experience: Before & After (photos)

upstairs after

I always love to share when I’ve had a good experience when it comes to quality and customer service, especially when it comes to hiring a contracI recently went with CertaPro Painters because of their reputation of top-notch quality service from beginning to end, and challenged them with walls and unique rooms that I had struggled with for years. For ... Read More »

More Photos and Video of Will Ferrell at Spring Training


Comedian and actor Will Ferrell took the field Thursday to play second base for the Seattle Mariners at spring training!  Wasn’t the only uniform he wore though, it was all a part of his 10-Team Tour.  What a nice surprise for fans:)  More photos of Will in Mariners uniform can be found (HERE).   Read More »

30th Anniversary of BREAKFAST CLUB


Wow, did that time go by fast or what?!?!?   This movie is timeless, and a re-release on DVD has quite a bit of fun extras.  To top it off, there will be a special 2-date showing on the big screen at a theater near you!  Yup, on the 26th and 31st (this month).  Check it out here. You can also ... Read More »